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As an investor, you are keen to participate in the markets, but cannot make time to manage your portfolio; you do not know the ropes of portfolio management either. Intelligent Advisory Portfolios (IAP) is a ready mix of equity products that you can invest in right away.
  • Guided advisory by RIAs
  • Personalized insights
  • Regular monitoring
  • Time saving
  • Money management
  • Active participation

WHY CHOOSE Intelligent Advisory Portfolios (IAP)

  • AI-powered investment AI-powered investment
  • Customized portfolio for every clientCustomized portfolio for every client
  • Power of discretionPower of discretion
  • Real-time re-balancingReal-time re-balancing
  • 24/7 portfolio tracking24/7 portfolio tracking

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A diverse range of pre-packaged products ideal for both traders and investors who want to participate in the markets but do not have enough time to manage their portfolios.



There are 2 ways to Subscribe: MO Investor APP and MO Investor Web.
1. Select the desired product offered by RIA 2. Select mode of investment (Lump sum/SIP) 3. Select Subscription (only for Lumpsum) or Fixed Fee Model (Profit sharing above hurdle Rate) 4. Accept Terms & Conditions 5. Fill the risk profiler 6. Agreement with RIA 7. Enter Investment amount & Proceed 8. Portfolio Advice is generated in few minutes by RIA 9. Accept the orders generated for the portfolio
You will have a choice whether to accept advice or not sent by RIA. However, for execution entire order can be executed and no facility is available to reject specific stocks.
It does not matter as long as the stock has the advice open from RIA, you will continue receiving the orders till you approve them.
There is no minimum period for SIP, you can stop an SIP anytime with RIA.
1. Email – A link is sent in the email, just click the link and orders will be approved 2. SMS - A link is sent on SMS, just click the link and orders will be approved 3. MO Investor App Notification – Click on Accept and orders will be approved 4. MO Investor Web – Login and Accept the order and orders will be approved 5. Automated IVR call – Select 1 on your dial pad and orders will be approved 6. Call your Advisor – Your Advisor will generate OTP, share it with him and orders will be approved
You can approve your orders through SMS/Email/Mobile App Notifications/Web Login/Automated voice call. In case there is any difficulty you can approve your orders through your advisor by generating OTP.
For any support related to IAP, Kindly email us any on