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MO Investor App has a lot of benefits

The stock market is full of opportunities and requires constant monitoring to know where you need to invest next. With so many available options, it can get confusing at times. To make online trading a convenient and hassle-free procedure, the Motilal Oswal Investor application (MO Investor app) plays a huge role in aiding you to invest. 

Let's look further into how the MO Investor app works and its benefits.

How Does the MO Investor App Function?

The MO Trader app is a platform suitable for Android or iOS devices for Indian online trading. It allows investors to buy, sell, and invest in stocks and shares free of charge. The MO Trader app is secured and fully licensed. You can benefit from multi-asset trading with the aid of the app. Since the application is suitable for cell phone devices, you can trade from anywhere at any time. You can trade in the following sections:

  • Commodities
  • Equities
  • Derivatives
  • Currency

Along with the above-mentioned sections, you can also choose to invest in an IPO (Initial Public offering) or a Mutual Fund. You can also trade in NSE, MCX, and BSE.

Benefits of Using the MO Investor App:

You can study the marketplace, track your investments, and much more using the MO Investor app. Here is a list of benefits of utilizing a MO Trader App:

1. Option to Invest in MFs (Mutual Funds) - You can choose to invest in your choice of mutual funds swiftly and securely using the MO trading app. While you're at it, you get to track the performance of the fund, their reviews, and their ratings. Owing to this advanced trading mobile application, your wealth creation journey is only a few clicks away.

2. Access to Invaluable Educational Contents - Wouldn't things be easier in life if you had a guide keeping you informed every step of the way? Motilal Oswal's online mobile trading application offers access to EDUMO, the company's repository for educational content. You can get yourself equipped by learning more about trading via educational videos and more helpful content.

3. Customized Portfolio - You can create your portfolio based on your risk appetite and investment style with the aid of the trading app. Additionally, you're also offered with a variety of customization options that come with the investment amount and tenure.

4. Suggest Me Option - As a beginner, it can be difficult to create your portfolio. The 'Suggest Me' option available on the app helps you by giving advice and insights regarding investment portfolios and stocks. It is powered by AI backed by the company's research team.

5. Option to Invest in Overseas Stocks - The MO Investor app allows you to invest in foreign stocks to diversify your portfolio. You can buy fractional or whole shares of the largest foreign companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and so on.

 The Bottom Line:

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, you're also allowed to invest in digital gold via the ME gold program. If you're curious to enter the marketplace and start trading, get going by opening an online Demat account. You can do so by downloading the MO Investor app on your device.

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