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What is consolidation of shares

The consolidation of shares is a concept that can often be confusing for investors when it comes to comprehending the complexities of the stock market. A corporate strategy called consolidation of shares, or reverse stock split, is implemented to decrease the quantity of outstanding shares and simultaneously boost their value proportionally. This article talks about what consolidation of shares is, why companies use it, and how it works.

What Is Consolidation Of Shares?

Consolidation of shares is a strategic move taken by companies to decrease the number of outstanding shares by merging them and raising the face value of each share. As a result of this process, the total number of outstanding shares decreases while the value of each individual share increases. 

Why Do Companies Consolidate Shares?

There are several reasons why companies may choose to consolidate their shares. Boosting the per-share value of the stock is a frequently cited motive behind this action. The company can make its shares more appealing to investors by decreasing the total number of outstanding shares and increasing each share's value. 

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The process of consolidating shares can aid companies in fulfilling the requirements for listing on the stock exchange. Certain stock exchanges mandate a minimum price threshold for listed stocks, and to comply with these requirements, companies may opt for share consolidation.

How Does Consolidation Of Shares Work?

  • Consolidating shares involves merging shares and increasing the nominal value of each share.
  • The process is usually based on a ratio system, such as 1-to-10 or 1-to-20.
  • For every batch of 10 or 20 shares owned by a shareholder, they receive a new share with a higher face value.
  • The consolidation does not change the overall value of the shareholder's shares.
  • However, there is a reduction in the quantity of shares held by the shareholder.

Benefits Of Share Consolidation

There are many benefits of share consolidation given below:

1. Attracting Potential Investors

Consolidating shares can enhance a company's appeal to prospective investors. The company can make its stock more attractive to investors by decreasing the total number of outstanding shares, which would result in an increase in the per-share value.

2. Meeting Stock Listing Requirements

To comply with the stock exchange listing requirements, some companies may need to meet the minimum price requirements for their listed stocks. In such cases, share consolidation can be an effective strategy to fulfil these requirements.

3. Avoiding Major Exchange Actions

The share consolidation is a useful strategy for companies to steer clear of significant exchange actions, like delisting or being downgraded to a lower exchange.

4. Safety Measures

Consolidating shares can offer a sense of security for businesses by implementing safety measures. The company can mitigate the risk of a hostile takeover by decreasing the number of outstanding shares.

5. Boosting Stock Price

One way to enhance the value of shares is through share consolidation, which can increase the per-share value of the stock and ultimately boost its price. Enhanced investor confidence can result in a favourable influence on the financial performance of the company.


The process of share consolidation involves decreasing the total number of shares a company has in circulation while simultaneously boosting the value of each share. By consolidating several shares into one, the value of each share is correspondingly raised, leading to an increase in value. 

Companies frequently employ share consolidation to enhance their financial standing, boost the market worth of their shares, and render them more appealing to prospective investors. Although share consolidation can enhance a company's financial performance, investors should thoroughly assess the motives behind the consolidation and the associated risks before making any investment choices.


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