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What Is On Neck Candlestick Pattern

11 Aug 2023


Candlestick patterns assist traders in predicting market trends with precision. 

Represented as the body of a candle along with its shadows, each candle reveals the price movements of a specific security during a defined timeframe. 

Among the numerous candlestick patterns, the On Neck candlestick pattern stands out as a continuation pattern, signifying the persistence of a prevailing trend.

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What are On Neck Candlestick Patterns?

On Neck candlestick patterns, categorized as continuation patterns, are crucial in confirming the current market direction. 

Unlike reversal patterns, which signal a shift in trend, continuation patterns, like On Neck patterns, corroborate the ongoing market trajectory. 

These trending candles substantiate the continuation of an existing trend, while non-trending candles indicate a likely reversal.

How to Identify On-Neck Candlestick Patterns?

Identifying On Neck candlestick patterns requires attention to specific characteristics. 

In a downward trend, two candles are of particular significance. The first candle must be bearish and relatively long, while the second candle should be bullish and shorter. 

Additionally, the closing price of the second candle must align closely with that of the first candle, effectively forming a horizontal line akin to a neckline.

What Is the Psychology Behind On Neck Candlestick Patterns?

The formation of On Neck patterns offers insight into the underlying psychology of market participants. 

As the second bullish candle closes near the first bearish candle, it demonstrates the continued dominance of bears in the market. 

The lack of a significant bullish response indicates a lack of conviction among buyers, perpetuating the bearish trend.

How to Interpret On Neck Candlestick Patterns?

Interpreting On Neck candlestick patterns involves understanding their implications in conjunction with other technical indicators. 

A bearish continuation pattern, an On Neck signal hints at the market's bearish grip, suggesting a continuing downtrend. 

Traders must analyze the pattern in the context of other technical tools to understand the prevailing market sentiment and make informed trading decisions accordingly.

How Can On Neck Candlestick Patterns Improve Risk Management?

Risk management is crucial in trading. 

While trading, using On Neck patterns, traders should set appropriate stop-loss levels and profit targets to protect their capital and maximize potential gains. 

Caution is warranted, as On Neck patterns share visual similarities with other candlestick patterns. Validating the pattern with additional signals is prudent before executing trades.


The On Neck candlestick pattern is a reliable indicator of a continuing downtrend. Characterized by two candles, a tall bearish one followed by a shorter bullish one, its significance lies in the closing price of the second candlestick aligning with the first. 

Traders should observe the third candlestick for further confirmation. While resembling the In Neck and thrusting patterns, the On Neck pattern offers confirmation of the bearish trend. Traders can combine this pattern with other technical analysis tools and charts in their investment strategies.


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