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What is Stock Ticker


Symbols in the stock market are very important. You get to see many symbols in the stock market, such as candlesticks, stock symbols and stock tickers. Stock tickers are essential symbols that reflect more than one aspect of particular stocks. In this blog, you will learn about stock tickers their composition and their meaning.

What is a stock ticker?

Tick in trading is a term used to show any change in the price of stocks. Moreover, a tick is independent of the type of change, which means it will move whether the price goes up or down. A stock ticker is an automated symbol synced with the stock's tick, along with some other important information.

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A stock ticker is a special symbol; hence, it is assigned to every stock listed on a stock exchange. Stock Tickers are primarily shown for the stocks trading on a very high volume or have seen a significant price difference from the previous day's closing price. You may have seen the tick symbol of companies in share market news channels and apps that facilitate trading, such as Motilal Oswal.

What does a stock ticker look like?

Now, let's understand the components of a stock ticker. A stock ticker mostly has 4-5 components. However, it depends on the news channel and trading apps and what composition they want to represent.

Let's take the most used type of stock ticker to understand how it looks. A stock ticker starts with the ticker symbol of the stock. A ticker symbol is simply the abbreviation used for the company's name. For example, the ticker symbol for Adani Enterprises Ltd on the National Sticks Exchange is ADANIENT.

Moreover, the second component of the stock ticker is the number of shares traded, for example 6k. The next component is the traded price of the shares, followed by an up or down arrow symbol to show the stock's movement. The last element is the amount the share has gone or come down.

Here's an example of what a stock ticker looks like: "ADANIENT 6K @ 2519 ↑ 9.50." In this case, the stock is of Adani Enterprises Ltd, with the total number of traded shares being 6k at the rate of ₹2519. Moreover, the price is up by ₹9.50.


Stock tickers are essential for traders as these symbols make the significant trading stocks visible to you. Mostly, a stock trading in high volume or a stock with a substantial change in its price is associated with some news. So, it is essential to have a look at these stocks daily. To access highly precise stock tickers and other symbols, open your free Demat Account with Motilal Oswal and enhance your trading experience with advanced features.


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