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Performance of IPOs that debuted in the year 2021
14 Jul 2023

2021 saw a flood of IPOs from various emerging and new-age tech-based industries. With a rise in internet penetration and the ever-increasing middle-class population, companies like Zomato, Paytm and Nykaa have become everyday names. 2021 was an exciting year for the investors as these household apps saw entry into the Indian stock market.
Let’s look at the performance of IPOs that debuted in the year 2021. Stay updated on the latest Upcoming IPOs 2023!

IPO Launches

With the launch of 65 IPOs in the year, 2021 saw more than one IPO per week. From the listing of Antony Waste on January 1, 2021, to the listing of CMS Infosystems on December 31, 2021, the year is rightly called the year of IPOs. 2021 saw the most number of IPO listings in the past 10 years.

IPO Collections

In terms of IPO collections, 2021 saw the listing of India’s biggest IPO. Paytm, when listed, was expected to be one of India’s most valued companies with a valuation of a whopping $20 billion. However, it ended up having a poor listing with its value 25% down on the listing day itself. 2021 also saw the listing of four digital IPOs—Zomato, Paytm, Nykaa and Policybazaar—which together collected nearly Rs 39,000 crore. 

IPO Performance 

As of 30th December 2021, out of the 65 IPOs in 2021, 45 gave positive returns and 20 gave negative returns.  Out of the 65 IPOs, 15 IPOs delivered over 100 per cent returns. Paras Defence stole the show by delivering over 185 percent returns on the listing day, followed by Latent View with 148 percent returns. 

The average returns of all the IPOs listed this year stands at 53.85 per cent. While many IPOs made stellar debuts and made money for their investors, some destroyed wealth. In this list of worst-performing IPOs, paytm leads with a negative return of 27 per cent on the listing day, followed by Shriram Properties with a negative return of 15 per cent. 


As seen above, we have witnessed many successful IPOs in the year 2021. The returns seen in many IPOs since 2021 will likely get investors excited for the remainder of 2022. According to industry estimates, the year 2022 is likely to see Rs 2,20,000 crore worth of IPOss. With companies like LIC, NSE, OYO, Delhivery and many others, investors are surely in for many amazing investment opportunities. As you can see above, IPOs are booming in India and present a huge opportunity for investors. If you wish to take part in the same, it is important to open your demat account online. To know more about the same, head over to the Motilal Oswal website and learn how you can start your investment journey towards financial success.

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