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Best Long term Stocks to Invest in 2022

11 Sep 2023

Experts agree that  the best way in which to secure the future of your financial life is to invest. Moreover, long-term investments yield high returns. Since the beginning of the pandemic, stock markets have gone through a period of furious rallying. Consequently, investors have made it their goal to be just as dynamic, investing in short-term stocks to gain fast returns. However, with the current market’s high degree of valuation, it may be prudent to chase the best long-term stocks. 

  • Why Invest in the Best Long-Term Stocks?

Today, investors have a myriad of ways to invest. They can pick and choose the stocks they like as well as the risk level. How to invest in long-term stocks is easy enough, and anyone can do so online. Nonetheless, in order to diversify your financial books, it's a good idea to think of long-term stocks. Being patient can yield high returns, and stocks for the long haul almost always predictably do. So the next question you may have is which stocks to focus on for long-term growth potential. 

  • Top-Notch Stocks for the Long-Term

The first thing to do, before you make a list of stocks to invest in for the long run, is to find a place from which you can make your investments. You can try the MO Investor. Web-based and user-friendly, this app from Motilal Oswal gives you the picks you want to meet your goals as far as the best stocks are concerned. The next thing to do is to pick the best long-term stocks. However, where do you start? You can make notes about the categories that stocks fall into and make your choices of particular company stocks from there. Before you actually select the stock itself, it's a good idea to do a little research on the company whose stock you are investing in. 

  • Winning Stocks

The winning stocks to pick for long-term investment are those that offer dividends (dividend stocks), growth stocks (promising high degrees of growth and high returns), small-cap stocks (stocks of small firms that may grow substantially), and value stocks (these cost less on particular metrics of valuation, like stocks that do well when interest rates rise, etc.). Value stocks have less risk involved. So, here are the actual stock picks for long-term investment in 2022, making your task of how to invest in long-term stocks easier: 

Bharti Airtel - With continuous growth in the 4G subscriber base and a robust consistency in quarter performances over the past few years, this company can only grow. 

ICICI Bank - Strong results show that this stock is only on the path to future growth.

HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited - Encouraging recent quarter results and premium profits at Rs. 6,596 crores, you can be assured of good returns in the long run. 

Hindustan Unilever Ltd. - Already growing with a YoY growth rate at 11.4% in Q2 FY22, this has been robust stock all along. 

Infosys - Infosys has shown a steady growth pattern, with a rate of 6.1% regular growth.

HCL Technologies - One of the key players in the IT sector, HCL has a broad base of growth across many services and areas extending to major global markets as well. 

  • Patience and Growth

Patience is the key to making your long-haul stocks work for you. With Motilal Oswal and the MO Investor, web trading is easy and you must invest for the long run. 

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