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How India Got Hooked to Stock Trading Apps

19 Jun 2023

Apps are used for practically everything today. They facilitate quick work and you can download them on your smartphone, which makes them easy to access wherever you are. From apps to write documents and to play games, there’s a plethora out there. So, why not use apps to trade on the stock market too? Stock trading in India, today, is done more through apps that enable quick responses and better investment decisions. 

  • The New Stock Trading Generation

A number of traders, both veterans and new generations of traders are making the use of apps to conduct daily online stock trading. In fact, this trend is on the rise, as more and more people are being compelled to explore the world of securities and commodities via online means. Most traders will tell you that they use the popular apps, Zerodha, Upstox and the Motilal Oswal app to conduct trades quickly and make the most of market volatility. When you can open demat account online, why should trading be far away? Besides making the use of online apps, younger traders are hooked on everything to do with trading online. They get their advice from platforms like Motilal Oswal and watch videos on YouTube (an app that you will find built-in to mist smartphone user interfaces). 

  • Why Trading Apps in India Matter

Indians are very tech-savvy in every walk of life. They waste no time in researching and conducting tasks with new technology foremost in their minds. When it comes to mobile trading apps, Indians are hooked on these as they offer a multitude of benefits. From college students to seniors, after Robinhood, the American trading app has most people in the USA trading on it, Indians are addicted to their very own apps for trading on their smartphones. Here are the reasons why most Indian traders find apps as the new go-to tools to execute trades: 

  • Apps have the facility to open online demat accounts in order to hold financial equity, debt and securities.
  • Stock trading apps not only let you invest in stocks in India, but engage in international trading too. 
  • Apps are easily accessed from your smartphone, on the move, and from anywhere in the world. 
  • Apps offer the convenience of executing trades quickly, giving orders to buy and sell at the appropriate moment. This ‘seizing-the-opportunity’ function of apps makes them popular and addictive in nature. 
  • As lockdowns forced more and more people to work from home and contactless transactions, apps help to conduct trading from your phone, instead of physically visiting a bank and filling out delivery instruction slips.
  • More and more people are dabbling in stock trading. Apps facilitate this. As people have experienced loss of income during the pandemic, they have turned to trading as an alternate way of earning. 

The App Advantage

You can get the advantage of using an app for trading as well as a linked demat account if you visit Motilal Oswal, India’s most trusted trading platform. 

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