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How Stock Trading Apps Have Influences the Financial Markets

19 Jun 2023

It can undoubtedly be said that stock trading apps have made it easier to access the stock market. Stock trading providers that are technology driven have lesser overhead charges that result in a considerate reduction in fees, impacting the overall turnover. The reduced overhead charges therefore acts as an added advantage to investors. Stock trading apps also allow for immediate and easy accessibility, thereby allowing for people to trade anywhere and at any time.

  • Stock Trading Apps Allow for Easy Transactions

While in the past, stock trades were carried out by loudly conversing over telephones, one can see the definite advantage of it being all online. As these are mostly speedy transactions, more trades are now conducted online, thereby allowing for investors to act as quickly as possible.

  • Stock Trading Apps Allow Easy Decision Making

As the internet has made life easy with respect to all aspects of stock trading, it has done so even with regard to gaining and all information one would require. With this easy access, one can easily gain the information they require, rather than having to rely on word of mouth. Several companies produce real-time information on stock markets. In this manner, one can track potential trends that need to be capitalized on, and benefit from the stock market.

Some of the Top Finance News Apps

There exist some of the best finance news apps for ios and android. One of the best finance news apps for ios, is mentioned here below -

- The Motilal Oswal Trading App

The Motilala Oswal share trading app is a power platform for advanced traders that provides real time information on your trades and execution. It’s lightning speed process, coupled with the fact that it has over 7,55,000+ downloads is what sets it apart.

Key Features of the Motilal Oswal Trading App

1. Power Trading

One can create up to 10 positions across segments in 1 screen, and the share trading app provides real time and Total MTM updates for performance tracking. It also has real-time overall margin updates to know one’s limit utilisation, and can square off open positions in 1 click without any hassles.

2. The “My Wallet” Feature

One can get proactive updates on your expiry week actionable and get latest news on your stocks. One can also get overall updates on your pending order, open positions, margins, and available limits

3. The Global Search Bar Feature

Using this trading app, one can place, buy or sell orders in a single tap. One can also add new scripts to their watch list and get real time market feed in the stock market trading app.

4. The “Enhanced Get Quotes” Feature

The app offers market depth and technical summary, coupled with OHLC and Interactive Charts, as well as weekly and monthly technical indicators.

5. “Price Alerts” Feature

To avail this feature, one need only enter the name of the script or exchange, set a condition for price alert and desired price level, add a price alert message and begin receiving price alerts through app notifications and email.

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