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How to map your investment on the MO Investor app

05 Jan 2023

The key to your success while making investments is planning and organisation before you start. Mapping investment essentially means that you plan your investment and make educated choices of options available. Guessing what to invest in or depending on hearsay won’t lead you to success in the investment arena. However, once you have a constructive plan (a roadmap), you can chart your investment and work towards your financial goals with ease. One of the most reliable brokers in India, Motilal Oswal can help you to do this. 

  • The MO Investor App

The Motilal Oswal (MO) Investor app is significantly one among the few apps that gives you a versatile online trading platform on the go. Understanding stock and commodities markets poses a challenge for even experienced investors at times. Moreover, if you are looking to invest in share markets, and are a beginner, you will have a tedious task on your hands if you don’t know how to navigate easily. The MO Investor is an app that is conveniently used through your smartphone, making it easy for your investment goals to be reached. Learning how to use this app may be a concern, but before you think of that, you should be aware that this app can help you to plan your investment and organise your strategies for doing so. 

How Does the MO App Help You?

The MO Investor app enables you to invest in multiple assets and trade in them without any hassle. Before you actually buy and sell assets and engage in trading, your planning of investments must be done properly. Which investments are likely to benefit you? What investments can you invest in with ease, and which will fulfil your financial objectives? These are questions that the MO Investor app can answer for you with ease. Mapping investments is the key to investing properly, and to ensure that your investment works to your benefit. Motilal Oswal helps you to do this by, first, letting you opt for areas you would like to invest in, such as the following:

Various features on the MO Investor app help you in mapping investments. These are mentioned below: 

  • Focused Investments - A feature like this on the app exposes you to a virtual trading experience and trains you how to invest, when to do so, and in what to do so. In case you are a beginner,this helps to plan well. You can also make use of valuable suggestions and re-evaluate your investment.
  • ‘Robo Wealth’ - Information and recommendations regarding asset allocation and risk potential gives you an idea if you are on the right track as far as investments go. 
  • Page of Quotes - With a number of research reports, you can take advantage of stock picks that suit you, and you make calculated risks when planning how to invest in stocks, commodities, etc. 
  • Rich Selection and Advice - You can get advice on the app for almost any securities on the market. You get a huge selection of asset classes to make your investments in, and according to the recommendations given, the MO Investor app maps the road ahead for you. 
  • The MO Advantage

Most investments are driven by technology today, and while making these, not only do apps like Motilal Oswal’s MO Investor app plan for you, but ensure you get good returns with minimal risks.

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