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Lessons from Ashish Kacholias Investment Portfolio


Among some prominent names that have made considerable wealth from the stock markets is Mr. Ashish Kacholia. Popularly known as the Big Whale of the Indian stock markets, he has inspired millions of young individuals in India and abroad to invest in equities.

Even the most experienced investors look up to Ashish Kacholia to take cues from his investing strategies and make big in the stock markets. Let’s explore more on the ace investor’s journey and his current equity portfolio.

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Ashish Kacholia’s journey till now

Ashish Kacholia was born to Marwari parents in Mumbai in 1979. After completing his primary education at a Mumbai school, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Business Studies (JBIBS). Later, he earned an MBA degree from the same college.

In 1993, Ashish started his career at Prime Securities Limited before joining Edelweiss Capital Limited as the Head of Research. In 1995, he established his own broking firm, Lucky Securities. He also joined hands with the Big Bull of India, Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, to found Hungama Digital.

Ashish Kacholia’s 2023 Portfolio

Initially, Ashish Kacholia used to make small stock investments. However, with time, he learned how to identify companies with strong growth potential and started investing in them. Gradually, he increased investments in small and mid-cap companies to earn multi-bagger returns.

As of June 2023, Ashish Kacholia’s public portfolio comprised 42 stocks with a total net worth of Rs. 2,313 crores. The table below shows the list of stocks in Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio along with their values and holding percentages (as of June 2023):

Name of the Stock

Value (In Rs. Crores) Number of Shares Held Holding Percentage
Ador Welding Ltd. 74.6 5,95.400 4.40%
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd. 49.4 5,87,977 3.90%
ADF Foods Ltd. 68.9 6,30,855 2.90%
Ami Organics Ltd. 89.8 7,76,474 2.10%
Aditya Vision Ltd. 54.4 2,39,506 2.00%
Arvind Fashions Ltd. 47.8 14,56,054 1.10%
Beta Drugs Ltd. 88.1 12,03,644 12.50%
Best Agrolife Ltd. 62.4 5,32,526 2.30%
Bharat Bijlee Ltd. 38.3 1,01,350 1.80%
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd. 37.8 5,57,510 1.40%
Carysil Ltd. 69.4 10,00,000 3.70%
DU Digital Global Ltd. 3.8 7,20,000 Yet to be updated
Faze Three Ltd. 49 12,71,382 5.20%
Fineotex Chemicals Ltd. 95.8 31,35,568 2.80%
Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. 86.7 9,68,322 4.20%
Gravita India Ltd. 98 14,84,399 2.20%
Genesys International Corporation Ltd. 18.6 6,18,734 1.60%
HLE Glascoat Ltd. 63.4 9,58,010 1.40%
Inflame Appliances Ltd. 18.4 3,08,000 Yet to be updated
Knowledge Marine and Engineering Ltd. 32.6 3,00,000 2.80%
Likhita Infrastructure Ltd. 20.8 7,00,000 1.80%
La Opala R G Ltd. 83.7 17,67,433 1.60%
Megastar Foods Ltd. 3.7 1,12,968 Yet to be updated
NIIT Limited 24.3 30,00,000 2.20%
PCBL Limited 111 70,84,990 1.90%
Repro India Ltd. 35.2 4,60,528 3.50%
Radhav Productivity Enhancers Ltd. 23.9 2,31,683 2.00%
Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd. 124.2 8,82,696 9.60%
SJS Enterprises Ltd. 83.1 13,48,374 4.30%
Safari Industries (India) Ltd. 164 5,43,000 2.30%
Shankara Building Products Ltd. 34 4,51,140 2.00%
Sastasundar Ventures Ltd. 15.5 5,98,902 1.90%
Stove Kraft Ltd. 26.6 5,76,916 1.80%
SG Finserve Ltd. 28.8 4,96,821 1.20%
Systango Technologies Ltd. 5.2 2,27,958 Yet to be updated
TARC Limited 48.9 65,44,917 2.20%
Ugro Capital Ltd. 37.4 14,45,936 1.60%
Venus Pipes and Tubes Ltd. 48.3 4,00,000 2.00%
Vaibhav Global Ltd. 68.1 20,00,000 1.20%
Virtuoso Optoelectronics Ltd. 23.7 12,28,070 Yet to be updated
Ugro Capital Ltd. 37.4 14,45,936 1.60%
Yasho Industries Ltd. 81.6 4,75,394 4.20%

Lessons to learn from Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio

Below are the lessons you can learn from Ashish Kacholia’s winning portfolio:

  • He has mainly invested in stocks belonging to mid-cap and small-cap companies instead of mainstream firms. These companies have the potential to provide multi-bagger returns in the long term
  • India’s education sector has a huge growth potential. Ashish has invested heavily in the shares of companies in this sector
  • Rebalancing your portfolio occasionally is crucial. Ashish constantly alters his investment strategies according to market conditions and his financial objectives
  • Proper diversification of your portfolio is necessary. Ashish Kacholia has invested in various companies to manage his risk-reward potential
  • You need to monitor your investments constantly. Make the necessary adjustments if required. Ashish never hesitates to sell or buy securities if his investments are not performing as expected.

To conclude

You can take cues from Ashish Kacholia’s winning portfolio and his investing strategies to generate attractive returns from the stock markets. If you need a Demat account to begin your investment journey, you can visit Motilal Oswal’s website and open it for free.


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