21 Mar 2023

Commodity trading online is a fairly simple process to initiate but don’t get into it without complete knowledge of what it entails. The old-style process of calling your commodity broker to place orders and waiting for a callback to give you a filled order price is quickly becoming a thing of the past. So as the world is getting online for almost everything, you must too, and this is how to start.

Choose an adept Commodity Broker
Most brokers nowadays offer online commodity trading services, however, there are a few who specialize in online trading exclusively. You must scout for them to guide you in this crucial journey. To make sure you have all the facilities required for commodity trading online, make sure your partner offers charts, quotes, strategy analysis and order entry. Check for service costs and all hidden costs before you start trading with them.
Read and carefully complete the Commodities Account Paperwork
This is a very crucial step, as the details you provide will help your commodity-trading broker gauge your income, net worth and credit worthiness. Based on this information he will decide your investment limits and risk threshold. So, take your time.
You need to fill this form to open your account. The commodities account paperwork form is an account of your financial information and the risks involved in trading commodities. Your financial information is important as commodities are highly leveraged and there is a chance you can lose more money than you invest. Therefore, the broker wants to know your income, net worth and credit worthiness.

You must know that not everyone who completes the forms will be allowed to open a commodities account. The broker can decide whether you’re suited to trade commodities based on his analysis. The greater your income, trading experience and credit worthiness, they better chance you have for approval.

Read this before you activate your commodity trading online account

Once you finalise your commodity broker to trade online and your account gets approved for trading, you will have to start funding the account. Experts have varying views on the size of the account you should start with, but it completely depends on how much you can invest and your risk tolerance.

Before you begin trading real money, have a well-researched, robust plan in place. Many trading brokers, like Motilal Oswal, offer free simulated trading option for you to practice before the real deal. Make sure you do your trail run for the stipulated free term before you embark on live commodity trading.
This will get you acquainted with placing orders and save you from making some critical order entry errors when dealing with real money.  
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When it comes to commodities, there are so many important factors to consider. Choose your trades wisely and avoid overtrading. If you find yourself placing a host of trades and look back at the day clueless about what you’ve done– you are overtrading. Most commodity traders tumble due to this mistake. Exercise caution in the commodity markets, do your homework and approach these volatile instruments with care and discretion. While fortunes can come from commodities trading, the potential for losses is just as great.
As with any new venture, you must do your homework and understand the nitty-gritties of the markets you decide to trade in.

Why go online with commodity trading?

Online Commodity Trading is more cost effective than having a stockbroker

You have full control on your commodity online futures trading

Online tips for commodity trading also prevent traders from taking a risk that would pay off enormously

It is a less time-consuming process, and allows investor’s to execute the trade on time

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