The 10 Stock Market Movies You Must Watch | Motilal Oswal
The 10 Stock Market Movies You Must Watch | Motilal Oswal

The 10 Stock Market Movies You Must Watch

A picture says a thousand words, and similarly, a movie can tell a whole story in a single scene or even a dialogue. There is so much to learn from the media we have access to in these modern times. Even when it comes to topics like the economy, stock market, trading, countless acclaimed movies have been made based on them in the past few decades.

Here is a list of some of the best stock market movies for anyone who is wondering how to make a career in the stock market.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
This Hollywood blockbuster garnered acclaim for its portrayal of a Wall Street stockbroker, Belfort's life and career. The movie follows Belfort’s trajectory as he goes from an entry level job to huge losses due to Black Monday, to a pump and dump penny stocks scheme, to opening his new firm which gets investigated by the US SEC and the FBI. It covers the finance world and its corrupt underbelly and is arguably one of the best stock market movies.

2. Bazaar (2018)
A thriller-drama movie, Bazaar is based on a stock trader’s life. Hired for his trading skills, Rizwan gets entangled in insider trading and corrupt networks. As a stock market-related movie, it provides a good look at what it takes to actually work in the field.

3. The Big Short (2015)
The Big Short is based on the real-life event of the 2008 financial crash and follows three separate stories: Michael Burry’s successful fund venture, Jared Venett’s entry into the CDS market and how Geller and Shipley make a massive profit off of shorting. Its is a great stock market film and whilst it focuses primarily on debt securities, it covers a lot of important trading concepts and gives viewers an idea of the impact of unpredictable events too. 

4. Gafla (2006)
Inspired by a real-life scam by Harshad Mehta in 1992, the movie follows a middle-class man’s journey as he tries his luck in the stock market and gets caught up in a crime. 

5. Trading Places (1983)
A lighter watch, Trading Places is a comedy stock market film that revolves around a con artist and commodity broker whose places are traded for the sake of a bet, and their revenge plan on the two millionaires who placed the bet. 

6. Wall Street (1987)|
Wall Street is a movie about a junior stockbroker who leverages indeed information to gain a promotion and gets involved in stock price manipulation and insider trading, all while trying to avoid getting caught by the authorities. 

7. Money Monster (2016) 
After a man named Budwell loses his entire savings due to the advice of a financial expert on a TV show, he goes after the expert and his crew and takes them hostage to get answers about the fall of the stock. The movie drives home the message that it is unwise to blindly trust so-called market experts and is a good stock market movie to watch.

8. Inside Job (2010) 
A five-part documentary revolving around the 2008 crisis, it examines the banking practices as well as policies that led up to the event. Widely acclaimed, this documentary provides insight into the real-world causes and consequences of such a disastrous event. 

9. Too Big to Fail (2011)
Too Big To Fail is another movie about the 2008 financial crisis that focuses on the importance of the stability of financial institutions and how dangerous their downfall could be for the entire economy.

10. Rogue Trader (1999)
This movie is based on a true story about a successful derivatives trader who took one too many risks, resulting in the destruction of the bank he worked at. This movie can help viewers understand the working and significance of derivatives contracts.

In conclusion

Real-life and art continue to take inspiration from each other. While a lot of these stock market movies do cover topics like corruption and crime, they still teach us a lot of important details about the market. You can combine education and entertainment by watching these incredible films that can provide some insight into the working of the global markets. For prospective investors, you can open a broking account online today and get started on your journey in the world of finance.

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