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The Transformation of the Indian Stock Market

The Bombay Stock Exchange was established over a century ago, and since then, stock exchanges and stock brokers, not to mention the stocks themselves, have undergone a drastic change. The evolution has brought about changes that benefit traders, investors,  and stock exchanges and companies immensely. From the very basic step that a trader takes of opening a broking account to learning tips and simulating trades in order to become a stock broker of some repute, the stock market is a more popular avenue for investment now, than ever before. 

  • Before and After 

As a potential investor, you may want to have the best broking account in your kitty, but there is no such thing. The best account for you, as a stock trader, is the one that matches your needs. Why does a broking account matter, though? This is because, if you wish to trade in stocks in the stock market, especially online, a stock broking account is imperative to your requirements. So, here’s one of the key changes. Previously, while trading in traditional times, the ‘outcry’ method was employed, in which stock traders used to shout out buy and sell instructions at the stock exchanges. This made the whole process complicated and hence, a lot of inconsistencies resulted. Now, with the exchanges online, especially the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, online trading has made the whole process of trading streamlined. 

  • Changes in the Economy

You can select the best broker for Demat account opening, and link your account to a trading account and a bank account, so that transactions are all facilitated with convenience online. You can always explore a reliable broker with years of experience, like Motilal Oswal to open an online broking account. As a trader, you have stock exchanges at your beck and call via your phone, laptop, or any other device. While the majority of transactions occur at the BSE and/or NSE, there are many smaller bourses on which trading takes place online. Furthermore, a trader can trade in any asset from anywhere. The digital platforms that exist today give investors more flexibility than when they had to be present at exchanges to trade  in previous times, or use agents for the same. Right now, the Indian economy is pegged at being one of the fastest developing globally. A large part of this is because of its stock exchanges and the activities they promote.

  • Global Importance

Stock trading has become a lot easier to do and novices can experiment with trading, starting small, with exposure to exchanges online. A free broking account can be opened with most brokers today and a Demat account too. The way to your broking career is fast and you can start trading with ease. With the NSE gaining a position as one among the largest stock exchanges in the world today, trading is catching up at a fast and furious rate. This wasn’t the case even a decade ago. 

  • Stock Exchanges - Sources of Income

A lot more Indians are less apprehensive about losing money on stock exchanges than before, as trading occurs with security measures in place. Apart from this, with the ease of online exposure to stock exchanges, traders take the risks they want easily and see results faster. With Motilal Oswal to help you online, you can read beginner's guide to online stock trading and also make use of training videos and tips and change your life by trading. 

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