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Top 10 Textile Stocks to Buy In India 2023

01 Dec 2023

When it comes to textile manufacturing, India has always been a preferred destination. Over the years, the textile industry, as a whole, has contributed a lot to the economic growth of the country. The ever-rising demand for Indian-made apparel and a projected market worth of about $190 billion by 2025 make textile stocks a must-have in your investment portfolio. Here are some of the top 10 textile stocks in India that you can consider investing in. 

Best Textile Stocks to Buy In 2023

1. Welspun India Limited 

Established in 1985, Welspun India Limited is one of the leading textile manufacturers in India. The company has a strong supply chain, backed up by state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities. Welspun India’s textile business can be split into four different segments - retail, flooring, and advanced textiles. Currently, the company has the distinction of being the world’s second-largest producer of terry towels. Welspun India’s share price as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 68.50. 

2. Trident Limited 

Trident Limited is easily one of the top 10 textile stocks in India that you can invest in. Incorporated in 1990, the company supplies yarns, rugs, notebooks, bedding, and bath towels. Trident Limited supplies its manufactured products to a wide range of Indian and International brands including Ikea, DMart, Metro, Walmart, and HomeTown. The company has even begun treating all of its towels with antimicrobial chemicals. The share price of Trident Limited as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 31.15. 

3. Lux Industries Limited 

Founded in 1957, Lux Industries Limited is primarily in the business of manufacturing undergarments for men, women and kids. With more than 15 products in its portfolio, the company caters to the different needs of its consumers. Some of the most popular ranges of undergarments manufactured by the entity include Lux Cozi, One8, GenX, ONN, and Lyra. As of March 01, 2023, the share price of Lux Industries Limited was Rs. 1,333. 

4. Garware Technical Fibres Limited 

Incorporated in 1976, Garware Technical Fibres is one of the top textile stocks in India operating in the technical textiles space. The company manufactures nets, coated fabrics, polymer ropes, and geosynthetic fibres. The products manufactured by Garware are used by different industries ranging from aquaculture and shipping to sports and agriculture. The company even sells yarns under the brand name ‘Garlon’. The share price of Garware Technical Fibres Limited as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 2,938.35.

5. Raymond Limited 

Founded in 1925, Raymond Limited is one of India’s most popular textile brands. The company is the largest integrated manufacturer of fabric in the entire world. Raymond dominates the formal apparel sector with an unassailable market share of more than 60% in the suit segment. In addition to Raymond, the company also owns several other popular brands like Parx, Park Avenue, and Kama Sutra. The share price of Raymond Limited as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 1,307.15.

6. Vardhman Textiles Limited 

Vardhman Textiles Limited is the country’s largest vertically integrated textile manufacturer. This makes the company one of the top 10 textile stocks in India that you can consider investing in. Since its incorporation in 1973, the company has grown tremendously without sacrificing sustainability. Vardhman Textiles has 5 distinct business lines - yarns, fabrics, acrylic fibres, garments, and special steels. As of March 01, 2023, the company’s share price was Rs. 310.65. 

7. KPR Mill Limited

KPR Mill Limited is another vertically integrated textile manufacturer in India. Established in 1984 in Coimbatore, the company quickly grew and established manufacturing facilities in multiple strategic locations. In addition to yarns, fabric and garments, KPR Mill Limited is also involved in the production of white crystalline sugar. Considering the increased demand for ethanol, the company expanded into manufacturing the chemical in 2020. The share price of KPR Mill Limited was Rs. 586.10 as of March 01, 2023. 

8. Siyaram Silk Mills Limited 

Established in 1978, Siyaram Silk Mills Limited is a manufacturer of blended fabric and garments. Also known as Siyaram’s, the company has a chain of retail outlets and showrooms across the country. Some of Siyaram Silk Mills’ noteworthy brands include J. Hampstead, Cadini and Oxemberg. In addition to garment fabrics and yarns, the company manufactures home furnishings as well. As of March 01, 2023, the company’s share price was Rs. 462. 

9. Go Fashion (India) Limited 

Go Fashion (India) Limited is one of the new-age textile stocks in India that you can invest in. The company is primarily in the business of manufacturing different types of bottom wear for women. The company’s products are marketed under the ‘Go Colours’ Brand and are sold online, through retail stores, and their brand showrooms. Go Fashion (India) Limited even has a separate section for plus-sized women. The share price of the company was Rs. 951.10 as of March 01, 2023. 

10. Nitin Spinners Limited 

Founded in 1992, Nitin Spinners Limited is a leading manufacturer of cotton yarn, blended yarn, grey knitted fabrics and printed woven fabrics. With integrated manufacturing facilities, the company is currently able to produce 9,000 tons of knitted fabrics per annum and around 30 million metres per annum of printed and finished fabric. Nitin Spinners Limited’s share price was Rs. 209.40 as of March 01, 2023. 


Since there are many listed entities in the industry, remember to do proper due diligence before investing in textile stocks in India. Consider factors like market capitalisation, profit consistency, and corporate governance practices when picking stocks. This will ensure that you pick only the best stocks that are profitable and have high future growth potential. 

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