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Top Gainers And Losers In The Stock Market


Keeping track of top gainers and losers can offer you an understanding of market trends, sector-specific performance, and individual stock movements.

Let's check out the list of the top five gainers and losers as of July 5 2023.

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Top five gainers - NSE


Divi's Laboratories Ltd was established in 1990 and is a leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company was among the top gainers, with a gain of 2.65%.


Incorporated on August 14 2000, HDFC Life is a life insurance company in India headquartered in Mumbai. HDFC Life recorded a gain of 2.53% in its share price.


IndusInd Bank Limited is a personal banking services company offering a range of products, like loans, deposits, cards, investments, insurance, and others. The company showcased a gain of 2.40%.


Hero MotoCorp is a leading two-wheeler manufacturer with many well-known bikes, including Hero Passion +, Hero Splendor, and more. The company saw a price gain of 2.32%. 


ICICI Bank Limited is a multinational bank and financial services company in India. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai. ICICI Bank Limited recorded a gain of 1.76%.

Top five losers -NSE

1.      HDFC

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited is an Indian housing finance company. The company showcased a share price loss of -3.31%.

Important note - On July 1, 2023, HDFC Limited merged with HDFC Bank. The merger resulted in HDFC Limited being amalgamated with and into HDFC Bank, leading to the dissolution of HDFC Limited. Following the merger, existing shareholders of HDFC Limited have acquired a 41% ownership stake in HDFC bank.[HP1] 

2.      HDFC BANK

HDFC Bank is a leading private sector bank in India, offering various products and services like loans, deposits, cards, etc. The bank recently merged with HDFC Limited. The company saw a share price loss of -3.27%.


Tata Consumer Products Ltd is a consumer products company known for its renowned brands like Tata Tea, Tetley, Good Earth, Tata Starbucks, Tata Salt, and several others. The company witnessed a loss in its share price of -1.23%.

4.      HINDALCO

Hindalco is an aluminum manufacturing company and the largest in the world for flat-rolled products. The company is also a recycler of aluminium. Hindalco is a metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. The company recorded a price loss of -0.85%. 


Bajaj Finance Limited is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) in India. It is a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv. Bajaj Finance Limited witnessed a price loss of -0.58%.

Top five gainers – BSE

1.      VINCOFE -RE

Vintage Coffee And Beverages Ltd is an Indian instant coffee producing company. The company's share price moved up by 1.09%. 

2.      ALAN-RE

Alan Scott Industries Ltd is involved in diverse sectors, such as retail, automation, nanotechnology, health hygiene, technology, and Banking Finance Services and Insurance (BFSI). The company recorded a rise of 1.80% in its share price.

3.      SONALIS

Sonalis Consumer Products Ltd is a distributor of nutritious bars and healthy snacks. The company witnessed a share price increase of 11.37%.


Nila Spaces Limited is a real estate company with over 31 years of experience. It is headquartered in Ahmedabad. Nila Spaces Limited's share price moved up by 0.71%. 


Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd, offers energy metering solutions, including generation, transmission, and distribution. The company's share price saw a massive hike of 27.45%. 

Top five losers - BSE

1.      SMEL

Sungold Media and Entertainment Ltd. is involved in media and entertainment services like graphics design, digital marketing, video editing, app design and development, photo and videography, and more. The company's share price moved down by -5.33%. 

2.      HBEL

Humming Bird Education Limited is an Olympiad organisation and the first of its kind in the world to be listed on a stock exchange. The company's share price dropped significantly by -35.00%.

3.      DML

Diggi Multitrade Ltd., incorporated as Diggi Securities Private Limited, is involved in real estate, construction material, and construction land. The company's stock price fell by -2.90%.

4.      EDVENSWA

Edvenswa Enterprises Ltd., offers technology solutions and specialises in rapid prototyping and building scale applications. The company's share price dropped by -4.80%.

5.      SAILANI

Sailani Tours N Travels Ltd., offers tours and travel packages focused on pax satisfaction in all aspects of travel. The company recorded a price loss of -2.46%.  


Monitoring the top gainers and losers in the stock market provides valuable insights into market trends. Make sure to use this information while making critical investment decisions.

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