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Unleash Wealth in 2023 with Upcoming Stock Mergers & Acquisitions

An Overview

In recent years, India has seen a growth in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, driven by a variety of causes such as changing market dynamics, globalization, and increased competition. Here is a month-by-month breakdown of the stock merger in 2023 and stock acquisition in 2023 that occurred in India. This comprehensive list provides an overview of the Indian M&A environment, including the deal sizes, firms involved and sectors impacted.

Following the latest M&A activity can provide useful insights into market opportunities and trends, as well as assist organizations in remaining competitive and informed. This compilation is a crucial resource for staying up to date on the latest events in M&A in India, whether you're an investor, business owner or industry professional.

Stock Mergers And Acquisitions

There are occasions when two companies decide to merge in order to form a stronger company in some way. While there are numerous ways for two organizations to combine, mergers and acquisitions are two of the most prevalent. 

A corporation may choose to combine or acquire another company for a variety of reasons, including geographic reach, increased market share, reduced competition, and so on. In fact, this occurs more frequently than we realize because, on most occasions, such mergers/acquisitions do not generate headlines unless the companies involved are large and well-known. 

Understand the fundamentals of mergers and acquisitions. Learn how they affect individual company stock prices. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are transactions in which one firm merges with another or acquires another for a variety of reasons. An M&A can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

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  • Market Share Increase

Purchasing and merging businesses increases market share and saves time.

  • Purchasing Assets

A corporation gains an advantage in increasing its market reach by acquiring assets.

  • Diversification And Collaboration

Synergy was created when Idea and Vodafone joined to establish Vodafone Idea Ltd. By doing so, they were able to compete with the industry's behemoth, Reliance Jio.

Difference Between A Merger And An Acquisition

The major distinction between a merger and an acquisition is that a merger occurs between two well-off organizations, usually with mutual agreement. They get together to synergize and increase their market share as a new company.

An acquisition occurs when one company acquires another with greater market power in terms of size, structure and position. An acquisition does not have to be a mutual decision; hostile takeovers are possible.

Upcoming Stock Mergers And Acquisitions in 2023 

  • Latest Merger And Acquisition In January 2023

Acquiring Company

Stake %

Acquired Company


SBI Mutual Funds


Equitas Small Finance Bank


Adani Group


Stake held by NDTV

Rs 600 Crore

Axis Bank Limited


Max Financial Services Limited





USD 125 Million

India Grid Trust


Khargone Transmission Limited

Rs 1,497.5 Crore

  • Latest Merger And Acquisition In February 2023

Acquiring Company

Stake %

Acquired Company


Government Of India



Rs 16,133 Crore

DSP Investment Manager


DCB Bank

Saudi Arabian Oil Company


VGP Holdings LLC

IndusInd International Holdings Ltd


IndusInd Bank Ltd.

Rs 10,000 crore

BCP Asia II Topco II Pte. Ltd


R Systems International Limited

SALIC International Investment Corporation

LT Foods Limited

Softcell Technologies Global



Rs 9.94 Crore

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited


Sonata Finance Pvt Ltd

Rs 537 Crore

Liberty Global


Vodafone Group Plc

National Investment and Infrastructure Fund


Hindustan Ports Private Limited

  • Latest Merger And Acquisition In March 2023  

Acquiring Company

Stake %

Acquired Company


NSPIRA Management Services Private Limited


Banyantree Growth Capital II, LLC

NSPIRA Management Services Private Limited


NHPEA Minerva Holdings BV

Platinum Jasmine

Lenskart Solutions Pvt Ltd

HL Terminal Holdings B.V

JM Baxi Ports and Logistics Private Limited


Reliance Retail Ventures

100% (Acquisition)

METRO Cash & Carry India

Russian Joint Venture Commercial Bank LLC


Canara Bank

121 Crore

Axis Bank

Citibank’s Consumer Banking

Rs 11,603 Crore

Kudgi Transmission Limited & Epic Concesiones Private Limited

100% (Acquisition)

Infrastructure Development Projects Limited, L&T

Wrapping Up

It is critical to assess the reasons for and the specifics of the Merger and Acquisition transaction. The decision to join in the agreement in terms of investment is based on the merger research. Mergers and acquisitions are made for a variety of reasons, including taking advantage of synergy by merging with other organizations, quick growth and so on. Mergers and acquisitions have a significant impact on stock prices. 

There are no hard and fast rules for how stock prices will react to an M&A event; it all depends on the sort of transaction. The effects of mergers and acquisitions on stock prices can be viewed in two ways: long-term and short-term.


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