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What Is a Sub Broker ARN Code

19 Jul 2023


When investing in Mutual Funds, finding a knowledgeable advisor who can help you choose suitable schemes that align with your goals is essential. However, verifying your advisor's qualifications and registration to sell mutual funds can be time-consuming. This is where the ARN code proves helpful.

What is ARN code?

ARN stands for Application Reference Number. It is a unique code given by the Association of Mutual Funds in India to the mutual fund distributors and advisors who have passed the NISM certification exam. The ARN code proves that the person or entity is authorised to sell mutual funds in India.

The ARN code has 06 digits and starts with the letters A, R, and N, followed by a dash and then the number—for example, ARN-123456. The ARN code is valid for 03 years and requires renewal by retaking the NISM exam.

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Why is ARN code necessary?

The ARN code is essential for both investors and advisors. It helps investors verify their advisors' credentials and ensure they deal with genuine and qualified professionals. For advisors, it helps them comply with the SEBI and AMFI regulations and avoid penalties or legal actions.

The ARN code also helps track the performance and commissions of the advisors. The advisors must mention their ARN code on all the forms and documents related to mutual fund transactions. This way, the AMFI can monitor their activities and reward them accordingly.

What is a sub-broker ARN code?

A sub-broker works under a main broker or advisor to sell mutual funds to investors. A sub-broker can be an individual, a HUF, or a corporate entity. A sub-broker can also have an ARN code if they have passed the NISM exam and registered with AMFI.

A sub-broker ARN code has 06 digits and starts with the letters INS, followed by a dash and then the number—for example, INS-654321. Their code validity and renewal requirement is the same as ARN. 

A sub-broker can work with only one principal broker or advisor. This broker or advisor has to authorise the sub-broker to sell mutual funds on their behalf. The sub-broker must mention their ARN code and the principal broker's ARN code on all the forms and documents related to mutual fund transactions.

How to get a sub-broker ARN code?

To get an ARN number as a sub-broker, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you must be associated with a primary ARN holder registered with AMFI and cleared the NISM Series-VA Mutual fund distributor examination (or CPE test for senior citizens).
  • Next, obtain the ARN and KYD applications from the AMFI website or the nearest CAMS. 
  • After that, fill out the forms and attach the required documents, such as NISM certification, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, bank account proof, and two passport-size photographs.
  • Submit the forms and make the required payment of Rs.1500 (including GST) for individuals. The fees and the documentation will differ for corporates and other entities.

Once you have your ARN code, you can affix it along with the primary ARN holder's code and the EUIN of the salesperson in the application form/transaction slips.

How to check the ARN code of your advisor or sub-broker?

You can check the ARN code of your advisor or sub-broker by visiting the AMFI website and entering their name or ARN code in the search box. Using your phone, you can also scan the QR code mentioned on the broker's business card or ID card.

You can also check their registration certificate issued by SEBI or AMFI, which should have their name, address, photo, signature, and ARN code printed on it. If you doubt their authenticity, you can ask them to show you their certificate.


Having a reliable advisor or sub-broker to assist you can make investing in mutual funds a fulfilling endeavour. Nevertheless, verifying their ARN code before entrusting them with your finances is crucial. The ARN code provides evidence of their qualifications and registration, protecting against potential fraud and scams.

Remember, only an ARN holder can sell mutual funds legally in India. So, don't fall for anyone who claims to be an advisor or sub-broker without an ARN code. Be smart and safe with your investments!


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