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Why motilal oswal can provide you the best stock analysis

Motilal Oswal has built a reputation as the source for best stock analysis and this has taken a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, constantly working in tandem, over the years.Very recently, Motilal Oswal was awarded Awarded India's Best Performing Equity Broker at the CNBC TV18 Financial Advisory Awards. And this is the 5th time in a row that Motilal Oswal has been given this award. And if we have to flutter the many feathers in the cap, Motilal Oswal has, here’s the 3 most important ones:

30 years of wealth creation driven by the philosophy of Solid Research, Solid Advice

7,50,000 customers with Rs.26,681 Cr. plus depository assets

PAN India coverage across 2,200+ locations in over 500 cities

The Indian stock market analysis is a task, as mammoth as the industry itself. It requires mighty research, detailed and constant eye on the market, expertise to spot trends, wide coverage across networks, and tech and service support. And it is by using all these as the various rung of the ladder, Motilal Oswal has become the provider for the best stock analysis.
Solid Research, Solid Advice for best stock analysis
Motilal Oswal’s intergrity is backed by India’s Best Market Analyst award for IT & FMCG sector, given by Zee Business. And by solid research, solid advice we mean that

Above 30, 000 research reports are produced across over 244 companies and more than 21 sectors.

30,000+ research reports have been released across 244+ companies and 21+ sectors

We have dedicated large cap, mid cap & technical research teams for extensive research in all sectors.

We release daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly reports across asset class

We provide advice across Equity and Derivatives investment, Commodity trading, Currency trading and Mutual Funds investment

These facilities are available across all devices – Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Web

The actionable strategies are customized to suit investment styles & risk profiles

Advanced tools & strategies are provided for various time horizons ranging from hours, days, weeks months and years

With all these tenets in place, there is no reason why the best stock analysis shouldn’t come out of Motilal Oswal.
Solid Technology for best stock analysis

The trading platforms deploy powerful, fast & secure technology across all platforms – Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Web so that your trading and information dissemination happens without glitches. And this is what we’ve built for best stock analysis.

You can Trade, Invest, or Track, Review through a single login. It’s that easy!

We have award winning Research & Solid Advice performance across all asset classes so that our clients and users continue to make smart, informed decisions.

We LIVE stream quotes and technical charts to help you make the right decision, at the right time.

Staying up-to-date with technology has always been a top priority at Motilal Oswal for trading and best stock analysis. So that, when opportunities come knocking on the door we have the right technology to grab it.
Products, & Services for best stock analysis
Our products are top class and the services for best stock analysis are aimed at helping you trade with confidence.

Motilal Oswal is a one-stop financial superstore to get access to a range of products & services

You get the option to trade across exchanges - BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX, MSEI

All the products provided by us are backed by customized solid research & advice

The trading platforms are robust with highly skilled dedicated advisors and Call & Trade desk

All these factors ensure that you get the best stock analysis without much difficulty and continue to make smart trading decisions.
Operational Efficiency for best stock analysis
All divisions of the Motilal Oswal company works like a well-oiled machine working together to provide you the best trading platform supported by best stock analysis.

Motilal Oswal is India’s first broker to offer 15 min, 100% paperless trading and demat account

We have instant day account activation on receipt of application so that you don’t have to wait to start trading

We have a dedicated customer service team with a 6-hour query resolution TAT

We focus on customer centric Risk Management System and real-time payouts for a hassle-free relationship.  

For best stock analysis, always rely on Motilal Oswal.

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