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What are
US Stocks?

US Stocks are shares of publicly listed companies in the US. For an Indian investor, buying US stocks involves participating in the US stock market by purchasing shares of American companies. Investing in US stocks allows Indian investors to diversify their investment portfolios geographically and gain exposure to the performance of the US economy and global markets. One notable aspect of investing in US stocks from India is the difference in currency. Since the share price of American companies is denominated in US dollars, the value is comparatively higher than that of Indian listed entities. To enable Indian investors to invest in US Companies with limited or minimal capital, Motilal Oswal offers the option of 'fractional investing.' Fractional investing allows investors to buy and own a fraction of a share rather than a whole share. This feature is useful when the share price of a US stock is high, as it enables investors to invest small amounts of money while still gaining exposure to the stock.

Why invest
in stocks?

Biggest Stock Market in the World

The US Stock Market is the Biggest Stock Market in the world valued at over $24 Trillion

Global Investment Opportunity at Minimum prices

Invest in the world’s biggest companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix and Tesla at a fraction of price!

Portfolio Diversification

Get research-backed strategies to invest and diversify your portfolio beyond Indian equities and other securities,

Safe, Secured and Legal

Your money is safe, secured by Motilal Oswal’s trusted legacy, and legal in all terms. All you need to do is start investing.

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with Motilal Oswal?

No Minimum investment

  • Begin your investment with as low as $1

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  • Get superior customer support for faster account opening

Fractional Investment Options

  • Own shares of the biggest companies in the world at minimum prices

Thematic Investment Strategies

  • Preconfigured portfolios of high growth Stocks & global ETFs

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Superfast trading, powerful research & advance trading tools
Other tools available for you
Portfolio Management Service
Trading Terminal
Research 360

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