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Best Real Estate Stocks to Buy in India 2023

02 Nov 2023


You've likely come across the idea of diversifying your investments, which means not putting all your money into just one thing, like a single stock or asset. It's a bit like not putting all your eggs in one basket. By spreading your money across different types of assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and precious metals like gold and silver, you can reduce the risk of losing everything if one investment doesn't do well.

Diversifying into asset classes like real estate can be expensive. However, there's a solution: consider investing in real estate stocks. This way, you can avoid the complex and costly documentation required when purchasing physical properties. All you need is a Demat Account to get started.

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The real estate sector encompasses a variety of enterprises, such as property developers, property management companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and construction firms. These entities either own, construct, or lease real estate properties, deriving income from property rentals, sales, or property management services.

Top 4 Real Estate Sector Stocks 

Real estate has always been an attractive option for investors, especially in the Indian landscape. In this blog, we will guide you through the four best real estate stocks to consider for your investment portfolio in 2023:

Name of the Company Market Cap (in Rs. Crore)
DLF Ltd 142342.81
Godrej Properties Ltd 46631.11
Oberoi Realty Ltd 42008.81
Phoenix Mills Ltd 33541.46


DLF Ltd is a major player in the real estate landscape of India. Their business involves land acquisition and project marketing. They also engage in leasing, power generation, maintenance, hospitality, and recreation. They have a strong presence in 22 cities across 14 Indian states and union territories.

DLF Limited stands out as the sole Indian real estate company included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index within the Emerging Markets category.

In FY22, they launched the luxury development 'ONE Midtown,' which resulted in sales bookings of approximately Rs. 1,952 crore. With a remarkable track record spanning over 75 years, DLF Limited has developed over 150 real estate projects, covering a staggering total area of more than 300 million square feet.

Stock performance: 

DLF is nearly debt-free. They saw a 44.2% profit rise in CAGR over the past five years, and a healthy 47.8% dividend was paid out, which makes them an attractive choice for investors in India's real estate market.

Godrej Properties Ltd

Godrej Properties Limited is the real estate development arm of the esteemed Godrej Group. Godrej Properties boasts a diverse real estate portfolio located in Pune, accounting for 26% of the total saleable area, followed by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) at 22%, Bangalore at 17%, Delhi NCR at 15%, and the remaining 21% in other locations.

In 2022, Godrej Properties introduced 16 new projects, including the highly successful Godrej Woods in Noida, which achieved a remarkable turnover of over ₹1,650 crore within just one year of its launch. This new project expansion was complemented by sustained sales of ₹4,826 crore during the year, highlighting the company's ability to attract customers.

Stock performance: 

Godrej Properties has had a solid financial performance, with an impressive 90.1% CAGR over the past five years, cementing its reputation as a sound investment in the real estate sector.

Oberoi Realty Ltd

Oberoi Realty Ltd is a real estate development company primarily based in Mumbai. They strongly focus on residential, office space, retail, hospitality, and social infrastructure developments. They have completed 42 strategic projects in Mumbai.

Their revenue in FY21 was categorised into three segments: 81% from residential, 16% from rental income of investment properties, and 4% from hospitality and property management services. 

They have several ongoing projects, like Maxima, Eternia, and Enigma, with substantial bookings. They also have a deal with Morgan Stanley to lease office space for 9.5 years, which reflects their commitment to accommodating corporate operations.

Stock performance: 

Oberoi Realty Ltd has had a 32.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in profits over the last five years.

Phoenix Mills Ltd 

Phoenix Mills Ltd is a prominent name that comes up when we hear of huge malls in the metropolitan cities of India. The company engages primarily in mall management, commercial and residential property construction, and the hospitality industry. 

In FY23, they generated 82% of their revenue from Property & Related Services and 16% from Hospitality Services. Their shopping centre portfolio encompasses ten malls, with Phoenix Palladium Mumbai being the most profitable.

Phoenix Mills Ltd has numerous projects under development, including the Phoenix Mall of the Millennium in Pune and Kolkata. They also have Project Rise in Mumbai and Asia Towers in Bangalore. 

Stock performance: 

The company has achieved a 29.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in profits over the past five years. They have also consistently maintained their dividends at 18.6%.


Investing in Indian real estate stocks presents an attractive opportunity for capital growth and dividend income. With the right approach that involves careful stock selection, a long-term perspective, and diversification - investors can navigate this dynamic market successfully. 

Staying on top of regulatory changes and seeking advice from financial experts further strengthens the investment strategy. As the Indian real estate market thrives, choosing the best real estate stocks can be a rewarding path to financial growth and stability.


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