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How to calculate your financial goals

Investment is the only way to make sure you have a secure future, where finances are concerned. To tell the truth, your finances and their health are the key to your future, or rather, the safety of it. If your investments are well-planned, and investment diversified, you can guarantee a good future for yourself, and your family, if you have one, or plan to have one. 

  • Map Your Investment

Setting financial goals is a challenge for many individuals. A good way to plan your investments to protect your future is to set goals. For some, goals may be to own a property, or raise funds for a child’s education. You may not have a single goal in mind, but several. Once you make a list of financial priorities, you can allocate your funds to a range of assets for investment purposes. 

  • A Time Frame

In order to set yourself straight with your investment goals, you need to calculate what time frame you have to achieve financial goals. This will help as a guide to your strategy for investment. For instance, in case you need funds for the short-term, you may invest some funds in stocks and start trading online to make some quick cash. 

  • What is Your Tolerance for Risk? 

Related to the kinds of investments you choose, is your tolerance for taking risks. How much of a chance can you take with your fund allocation? Additionally, you must weigh this against the potential for gains. For example, if part of your investment is in stocks, you need a high degree of risk tolerance as your returns may not always be high. 

  • Diversification of Investments

Have you ever heard the statement that goes, “Don’t put your apples in one basket”? The same is true for investments. While planning your financial goals, in order to lower your risk, you should distribute your funds across different kinds of investments equally. This practice acts as a buffer in case some investments do poorly. Consequently, your whole portfolio needn’t suffer just because a few investments suffer. 

  • Understand Options

While your investment goals may be clear as daylight, you may not have a proper understanding of the types of investments on offer. Without a doubt, there are several,and depending on the kind of investor you are, and your goals, you must choose. The following ways are some of  the man types you may pick:

  • Fixed Deposits - These are term investments, held in banks, in which your funds are locked in for a period, and they earn interest. 
  • Mutual Funds - The sort of investment that gives you a fair deal of diversification in itself is a mutual fund. A mutual fund is basically a fund that includes stocks, bonds and other assets pooled into a fund. This is run by a professional fund manager. You can purchase shares in these pooled funds, enjoying benefits of different asset classes. 
  • Stocks - By buying company stocks, you actually become a shareholder in the company. However, this investment is rife with an amount of risk and your financial goals may take time to be achieved, but returns are high.
  • Invest with Care

If you invest early in your life, and allocate at least 30% of your earnings towards investment, you can make a tidy sum for any financial goals you may have. In the event you wish to invest in stocks and other asset classes, consider a reputed broker like Motilal Oswal. 

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