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All about Hillary Clinton

05 Jan 2023

Call her the young, bubbly and cheerful 69 year old. She walks on the dais, with all vigour and enthusiasm. Whom do you think we are talking about? It is none other than Hillary Clinton. She is nominated as one of the major contestants in the upcoming US elections. She aspires to become the next President of America. The former President of America, Barrack Obama and his spouse Michelle Obama are setting up the stage to see her win. Aren 't we all not excited to welcome a Woman president to take over the world 's largest economy? All we have to do is, sit back and watch. The game is far from over! A confident and a powerful woman who has achieved the unachievable, Hillary Clinton and her team seem confident that the road for the 270 required electoral votes is for sure secure. Hillary Clinton became America 's First lady to win a public office seat when she was elected to the U.S Senate in the year 2011. She was later elected as the 67th U.S Secretary of State in the year 2009 and she served till 2013. Who is Hillary Clinton? Born in Illinois on the 26th of October, 1947, Hillary Clinton earned her law degree from the Yale University. She later married Bill Clinton, her fellow law school graduate in the year 1975. Hillary Clinton served as the First Lady from year 1993 till 2001 and then as the Senator of U.S from the year 2001 till 2009. Hillary Clinton as a young woman was quite active among the young Republican groups and had also campaigned for the then Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater in year 1964.  The National Law Journal named Hillary Clinton as one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America in 1988 and 1991.   It was in the year 2007 that Clinton had announced that she has plans to run for presidency. It was in 2008 that she conceded the nomination but Barack Obama held the majority. Soon after the national elections, Clinton was appointed as the Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton took a step ahead to be a part of Obama 's cabinet in 2009 January and served till the year 2013. She again announced plans to run for the U.S Presidency in 2015. It was in the year 2016 that Hillary Clinton became the first woman in the history of United States to become the presidential nominee for one of the major political parties in United States.   Hillary Clinton campaign issues Hillary Clinton did address a variety of issues during her campaigns and some of the issues she believes in are criminal justice reform, lowering of the student debts, improvement of health care coverage, improving the costs of Affordable Care Act and campaign finance reform. However, Clinton has also changed her stances over a number of issues like gay marriage and trade deals and is now against the Trans pacific Partnership. As per her campaign, Clinton has plans to combat the climate change but she was also questioned by a number of activists as she supported fracking. She also supports death penalty but also claims that death penalty only has to be implemented in rare and exceptional cases.   How would Hillary Clinton 's Presidency look like? Hillary Clinton is one woman who is quite close to winning the U.S presidency. She has spent more than three decades being in the public eye and is an all rounder and the most qualified too. Mrs. Clinton would enter the Oval office with exceptional experience of 8 years as the First Lady and 8 more years as the New York 's Senator and with 4 years of experience as the Secretary of State during the administration of Obama. Not many things were easy for the former state 's secretary in both her political stints and looks like the U S presidency would prove no different for Hillary Clinton.

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