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Mankind Pharma IPO: Date Share Price And Details

It has been a while since the Indian stock market saw a public issue from a leading pharmaceutical company. Mankind Pharma, one of the country’s top pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, plans to change that scenario. The entity filed its preliminary IPO papers back in September 2022 and followed it up by filing its final Red Herring Prospectus on April 14, 2023. Interested in getting to know if the IPO has any merit to it? Continue reading to find out. 

Company Overview

Established in 1991, Mankind Pharma is in the business of manufacturing an extensive range of pharmaceutical formulations and consumer healthcare products. In addition to manufacturing, the company also develops and markets its products under the ‘Mankind Pharma’ brand. The company’s products are used for acute and chronic pain management and for treating a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

In terms of domestic sales, Mankind Pharma is the fourth-largest player in the country. That’s not all. The company was also the second-largest in terms of sales volume in the financial year 2021-2022. 

Mankind Pharma manufactures and markets male condoms under the ‘Manforce’ brand, where the company is a market leader with a 30.2% market share and total domestic sales of about Rs. 451 crores. The second-most revenue-generating product from the entity is Prega News, a pregnancy detection kit, where the market share of the company hovers around 80.1%. And finally, in the emergency contraceptive category, the company’s ‘Unwanted-72’ brand has a market share of 59.2% with a total domestic sales of about Rs. 90 crores.

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Company Financials

With such strong revenues and market-leading products, the company should technically have strong financials. Let’s take a look and see if that’s the case. Here are the key financial metrics for the previous three financial years as published in the draft red herring prospectus filed by the company. 

(figures are in ₹ crores)

Particulars As of December 31, 2022 FY22 FY21 FY20
Equity Share Capital 40.05 40.05 40.05 40.05
Net Worth 7,145.80 6,155.20 4,722 3,485.30
Total Borrowings 167.9 868 234.5 126.9
Operating Revenue 6,696.70 7,781.50 6,214.40 5,965.20
Restated Profit / (Loss) 1,015.90 1,452.90 1,293 1,056.10
Diluted Earnings Per Share (EPS) 24.87 35.78 31.59 25.72
Return on Net Worth (RoNW) 13.94% 23.29% 26.80% 25.96%
Return on Capital Employed (RoCE) 16.58% 25.50% 30.41% 35.86%
Net Asset Value (NAV) per equity share 178.38 153.65 117.88 87

Note: Except for the following figures - Diluted EPS, Return on Net Worth, Return on Capital Employed and NAV per equity share, all other figures are expressed in ₹ crores. 

Key Strengths of the Company 

Mankind Pharma possesses several advantages over other Indian pharmaceutical companies. Here’s a closer look at a few of its key strengths as listed in the RHP. 

  • Domestic business is scaled and focused with good future growth potential 
  • Business is growing faster than the average rate of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market
  • The portfolio is very diverse with many products being market leaders in their respective categories
  • Strong and established brand in the consumer healthcare segment
  • The company builds product brands by leveraging its corporate brand value
  • Strong market coverage and distribution network 
  • Business focus is on making products accessible and affordable 
  • Robust manufacturing and research and development (R&D) capabilities that are well-diversified
  • The management team is experienced and professional and is ably backed by Private Equity (PE) investors
  • Comprehensive marketing and distribution thanks to 11,691 medical representatives 
  • 80% of doctors in the country prefer prescribing Mankind Pharma’s products

Key Risks for the Company 

Although the company has many key strengths, there are also a few risks threatening its business. The RHP goes into detail regarding these risks. Let’s take a look at what they are. 

  • Significant revenue of the company comes from limited markets 
  • Major revenue generation is from a few therapeutic products
  • Business is dependent on government regulations and statutory approvals
  • Any kind of disruption in manufacturing, research and development can affect the business
  • Inability to develop or commercialize new products  
  • Counterfeit drugs in the name of the company’s brand may affect its goodwill and operations 
  • Pharmaceutical industry is very competitive and is very closely regulated
  • Government heavily controls the price of certain products 

Details of the IPO

Now, coming to the main part of this upcoming IPO, here are some of the key details regarding the public issue from Mankind Pharma. 

The entire IPO from the pharmaceutical company is an offer for sale (OFS) from the company’s promoters and selling shareholders. Through this public issue, the investors are looking to sell approximately 4 crores (4,00,58,844) of equity shares. The company does not plan on issuing any fresh equity shares as part of this IPO. 

Since the financials of Mankind Pharma are strong, the company has allocated around 35% of the issue to retail investors. Out of the remaining 65%, 50% would be reserved for Qualified Institutional Buyers and the remaining 15% would be exclusively for Non-Institutional Investors. 

The issue opening date of the Mankind Pharma IPO has also been notified by the company as April 25, 2023. After remaining open for about three full days, the issue will close on April 27, 2023. The IPO price band has also been notified, which is between Rs. 1,026 to Rs. 1,080 per equity share. 

With the face value of the shares being just Rs. 1, the company is seeking a hefty premium. Since the IPO price band is on the higher side, the company has chosen to keep the lot size reasonable at just 13 shares. 

The total proceeds from the sale of 4,00,58,844 equity shares at the given price band should provide the promoters of the company with around Rs. 4,326.36 crores. 

Objects of the Offer

Seeing as the company isn’t issuing any new shares as part of this upcoming IPO, the entire proceeds from it would go to the promoters and selling shareholders. The only objectives of this public issue are -

  • To carry out the offer for the sale of 4,00,58,844 equity shares 
  • To get the benefit of listing the equity shares of the company on the exchanges


Going by the financials of the company, the upcoming Mankind Pharma IPO looks very attractive. However, the IPO price band is slightly on the higher side. It remains to be seen if the investors also see it that way or would rather give the public issue their wholehearted support by ensuring full subscription. Analyzing the Grey Market Premium (GMP) once the issue opens for subscription should give us a clearer picture. 

If you’re interested in subscribing to this public issue, it may be a good idea to open a demat account right away. This way, you can be ready to invest as soon as this upcoming IPO is opened for subscription. To open a demat account, visit the website of Motilal Oswal today and submit an online account opening form. 


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