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Upcoming IPO in May 2023

14 Jul 2023

The Indian IPO market is going through a tough time. Firstly, there aren’t many public issues from companies. And secondly, even if there are, they aren’t getting any good response from investors. Even fundamentally sound companies are finding it difficult to attract retail investors. However, the stock market is cyclical and will eventually bounce back from the slump. 

Meanwhile, quite a few companies have filed their Draft Red Herring Prospectuses (DRHP) with the SEBI and are waiting for the right time to open their issues up for the subscription. Here’s an overview of the companies and their upcoming IPOs 2023

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Upcoming IPOs in May 2023

To make it more readable, we’ve compiled the list of companies that are likely to come up with their public issues in May 2023 in a tabulated form.

Name of the Company

Issue Size

Issue Opening

Issue Closing 

Netweb Technologies India Limited

₹257 crores via a fresh issue and 85,00,000 equity shares via OFS

To be announced

To be announced

SPC Life Sciences Limited

₹300 crores via a fresh issue and 89,38,870 equity shares via OFS

To be announced

To be announced

Updater Services Limited

₹400 crores via a fresh issue and 1,33,00,000 equity shares via OFS

To be announced

To be announced

Krishca Strapping Solutions Limited

33,20,000 equity shares from a fresh issue 

To be announced

To be announced

Now that you’ve seen the list of companies that might come out with their upcoming IPOs in May 2023, here’s a brief overview of each of them and their businesses. 

1. Netweb Technologies India Limited

Incorporated in 1999, Netweb Technologies India Limited is one of the country’s top providers of high-end computing solutions (HCS). One of the primary advantages of the company is its close integration of design and manufacturing capabilities. Netweb Technologies’ portfolio includes high-performance storage solutions, software and services for HCS offerings, AI systems, enterprise workstations, private cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure, and supercomputing systems.  

The company’s upcoming IPO has two parts - a fresh issue and an Offer for Sale (OFS) from its selling shareholders. Through the fresh issue, the company plans to raise Rs. 257 crores, whereas the selling shareholders are looking to offload 85,00,000 equity shares. 

2. SPC Life Sciences Limited

Founded in 2005, SPC Life Sciences Limited is in the pharmaceutical industry. The company manufactures advanced intermediates for many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) such as Amiodarone HCL, Cilostazol, Pentoxifylline, Trazodone, Paroxetine, and Tramadol. Driven by research and development, the company’s advanced intermediates are used in the manufacture of life-saving drugs. 

The upcoming IPO of SPC Life Sciences Limited consists of a 300-crore fresh issue of equity shares. Additionally, it also has an Offer for Sale (OFS) component where its selling shareholders are planning to offload a stake of 89,38,870 equity shares. 

3. Updater Services Limited

Established in 1993, Updater Services Limited is involved in the business of providing facilities management services and business support services for a wide range of clients. According to an F&S report, the company is currently the second-largest player in the facilities management services industry. Updater Services Limited, through one of the subsidiaries, Matrix, offers employee background verification check services. Matrix is currently India’s third-largest entity in the verification check services industry. 

Through the upcoming IPO in May, Updater Services Limited is planning to raise ₹400 crores via a fresh issue of equity shares. On top of that, the company’s promoters are also planning to sell around 1,33,00,000 equity shares via an Offer for Sale (OFS). As of now, there hasn’t been any information regarding the pricing or the issue opening and closing dates. 

4. Krishca Strapping Solutions Limited

Founded in 2017, Krishca Strapping Solutions Limited is involved in the business of manufacturing and selling strapping tools and strapping seals. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in the city of Chennai and has a total annual output capacity of 18,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) of steel straps and 80 million strapping seals. 

Unlike other upcoming IPOs in this list, the one from Krishca Strapping Solutions Limited is an SME public issue. Through the IPO, the company is planning to issue around 33,20,000 equity shares to the public. However, the pricing of the issue and other key information regarding the IPO is yet to be released by the company. 


So, there you have it. The list of upcoming IPOs in May 2023. Keep in mind that this is just a speculative list and that companies may choose to put off their public issues if the market environment and investor sentiment are not conducive. 

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