Strong digital capabilities laying foundation for the leap ahead

11 Mar 2024
5 Min read 
  • Aditya Birla Capital (ABCL) has strong digital capabilities and is focused on building a strong foundation for sustained execution.
  •  ABCL is rapidly emerging as one of the most adept non-bank financial institutions in terms of digital capabilities.
  •  ABCL aims to simplify the financial needs of customers, drive a data/analytics-centric organizational culture, and scale up its digital platforms.
  •  ABCL has made progress in its omni-channel architecture and is leveraging its strong network of physical branches alongside digital platforms.
  •  ABCL is focused on leveraging data and analytics to enhance customer experience and drive cross-selling opportunities.
  •  ABCL's various business segments, including finance, housing, asset management, life insurance, and health insurance, are all leveraging digital platforms and analytics for growth.
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