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7 Best Bearish Futures and Options Trading Strategies

16 May 2024

The best way to take advantage of bullish market situations is to employ options, just as the best way to take advantage of bearish market situations is to use bearish options methods. The benefit of options is that they provide you the flexibility to work markets both ways. Moreover, as options represent non-linear, you may blend them with futures as well as other options to build sophisticated hybrid trading techniques to capitalise on unfavourable market possibilities.

Hence, you won't be bothered by declining prices if you anticipate the market to decline. Instead, you might take advantage of the decline by using the strength of your alternatives. You have a choice between being very bearish and being mildly bearish.

Futures and options may be utilised alone or in combination. These mixtures are referred to as hybrids. Let's attempt to comprehend the application of bearish option strategies—trading options during bad markets—first. To maximise opportunities in bear markets, know some F&O strategies examples, option traders must use a certain set of F&O trading strategies. Hence, when we have a pessimistic perspective on the stock or index, you will examine the following 7 greatest bearish f&o trading strategies in this blog:

Top 7 Best Bearish F&O Strategies

1. Bear Call Spread

A Bear Call Spread Approach requires buying and selling a Call Option that has the same underlying asset and expiration date but a lower strike price. A premium is paid when you purchase or sell a call option. A premium is also paid when you trade a call option. Your capital cost is thereby drastically decreased. Since the return is restricted to the gap between both the premium collected and paid, the strategy is also less hazardous.

Consider this F&O strategies example, when a trader anticipates a slight decline in the price of the underlying asset, they will use this technique. Due to the fact that it obtains a net credit upon joining the transaction, this strategy is also referred to as the bear call credit spread.

2. Bear Put Spread

To use this technique, the investor must purchase an in-the-money (greater) put option then sell a put option out of the money (lower) on the exact business and expiry date. This strategy results in a net loss for the investor. This strategy demands a pessimistic viewpoint since the investor would only earn if the share price/index decreases. Little risk and little reward are associated with this approach.

3. Strip

The Strip Option Strategy favours a turbulent market and carries a strong negative bias. A net negative strategy that differs somewhat from the Long Straddle is called The Strip. We are strong on Put with another one a lot after making this little adjustment since we have a bearish inclination. We have equal quantities of the ATM Call and Put options long in the long strap.

4. Synthetic Put

The synthetic put options method involves a short stock pick with a long call option within the same asset to simulate a long-put option. Another name for it is a long synthetic put. A short-term investor purchases an at-the-money call option here on stock they are short. The goal of this action is to prevent the price of the stock from increasing.

5. Bear Butterfly Spread 

This technique is used in the short butterfly spread and consists of one short call at the upper and lower punches and usually two calls just at mid striking (or ATM). Every option's expiry date must coincide. Moreover, the lower and upper strikes (commonly known as that of the wings) must be equally spaced apart from the centre strike (or body).

6. Bear Iron Spread

With the short put's strike value less than that of the short call's market price, a short iron wedge spread is a five different trading plan that comprises a bear call spread as well as a bull put spread. The expiry date for each option is the same day.

The gap between the price levels of the bull put spread (or bearish call spread) minus the net credit obtained represents the greatest risk. The highest possible profit is equivalent to the net credit obtained minus commissions.

7. Bear Put Ladder Spread

A variant of the bear put spreading is the F&O strategy of the bear putting ladder spread. By using an extra transaction to reduce the initial investment needed to set up the spread, such options trading method still seeks to benefit from a security's price drop.


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