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Beginners guide to digital gold investment
05 Jan 2023

The needs of young India are changing. People are now more tech-savvy and investment minded. While traditional investment methods still find space in financial planning, more and more people are moving towards long-term profit investment plans. With youngsters becoming increasingly unsure about job security in an economy that is constantly on the downhill, it makes sense to look for an investment opportunity that is both digital and high on returns. Pursuant to that, here’s a beginners guide to investing in digital gold

  • Minimum risk, maximum returns

India is a young country. By that, it means that it has one of the largest millennial populace. They know the ins and outs of the digital market and, therefore, are better poised in making digital investments, vis-a vis, e-gold investment. 

Holding digital gold makes it easier for the investors to check the purity of assets without involving any travel to jewellers. A substantial number of fintech firms offers the investors to validate the purity of the gold and ensure that they get real-time market prices if the investors choose to liquidate them at any point. 

  • Security concerns taken care of

From the investment point of view, buying gold is always a safe bet. One can always sell it and get the money in an emergency situation where there is no other source of income. That being said, being in the possession of physical gold is an experience full of hassles. It requires the investors to worry about its storage costs and security concerns.  In such a scenario, buying gold online becomes a safer bet. 

The investors can buy gold online via fintech firms and their mobile applications and sell it digitally, whenever the need arises. They can keep a tab on the proceedings in real-time without any worry for its security. The investors can also be sure of getting the current market value for their assets. 

  • Buy when time is right

The smart way of investing in e-gold is to purchase it digitally when the prices are low. Given that the fintech firms that have platforms for digital purchase of gold allow the investors to buy fractional amounts of the precious metal, it is now easier, more than ever, to buy gold and safekeep without any physical storage facilities. The investors, depending on their requirements, could sell the assets when the prices are high and make substantial profit out of it. 


E-gold investment is the answer to the demands of young India that wants to invest and ensure financial security for the long term. The hassle-free experience is just what the digitally savvy millennials need to get on the investment train and make most of the markets. 

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