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5 Best Stocks to Buy in India 2023


Conducting thorough research is the best way to make sure you are investing in the right stocks. But if you are new to trading in the stock market, it is always wise to seek advice from a trusted investment advisor or use a professional stock trading platform. Ultimately, investing in stocks is an excellent method to enhance your wealth over the long term.

Just about a decade ago, or thereabouts, stock investment was avoided by many present investors in the stock market. Why? There existed much less exposure to the markets than there does now. However, although some folks are still hesitant to get into stocks, data has displayed that investment in stocks proves more fruitful than conventional fixed deposits and public provident fund investments. The key to lucrative stock investment is knowing which stock is best to buy. This is not difficult to do, and with a bit of due diligence, you can get going with your investment in the most popular stock markets. 

Which Stock is Best to Buy?

How do you know which stocks are the best ones to buy? That’s a question that is easy to answer if you consider certain factors before making your choices. Nonetheless, you cannot invest in stocks unless you open a Demat account first. After that, new investors must start doing some research to make stock picks that add value to their portfolios. Here are some of the factors of companies whose stock you wish to buy, to look at: 

  • The Market Capitalisation of Companies - Companies with a high market capitalization indicates that they are solid in terms of their performance. These companies are typically stable, and their growth paths are positive. Stocks of such companies are bound to tide over market volatility and be profitable in the long run. 
  • Consistent Profit - If you consider the question, “Which are the best stocks to buy now in India?”, you may get the response of “the stocks which have displayed more profit in the past”. These are stocks whose value regularly rises relative to other stocks. Although the number of stocks you may own is low, the high value makes up for substantial gains. 
  • Gains for the Long Term - Most “blue chip” company stocks are great investments if held for the long run. The best stocks that almost guarantee good returns fall under this category. 
  • Analysts’ Picks - In 2023, analysts and experts believe that two key factors will determine how well stocks perform. These are CAPEX and credit growth. Consequently, stocks to look for in 2023 would largely be in the BFSI, infrastructure, defence, capital goods, housing, railways and cement sectors.
  • Evaluate Markets - When you are about to take any position in the stock market, check how the larger market is operating. It is common knowledge that the movement of stocks depends up to 75% on the momentum of the market at large. You know how a tide that rises lifts boats, so the market can raise the value of stocks. Furthermore, knowing which stock is best to buy comes from viewing the movement of a major index. This shows you a general pattern of movement in stock prices over a timeframe. This gauge can help your choice. 
  • Pay Attention to Events - Events, both global and local, can affect the markets and stocks in particular sectors. For instance, if the housing sector is facing a decline, then any stocks linked with this sector, like steel and cement, may also see a downturn. 

The Famous Five of 2023

You may wonder why you have to invest in the stock markets at all if you have already invested in any other instrument. Stocks, you may think, pose risks, and you may not want to fly headlong into the markets just yet. While you can get your feet wet by first investing in any upcoming IPO, the stock market is also a good bet. You can start with a few stocks and see how they perform and then go ahead with more. So, which stock is best to buy in 2023? Of course, there is never a best or a worst, but experts acknowledge that there are some robust companies whose stocks have outperformed others in the past and yielded significant returns for patient investors. Here are some suggested great-value stocks on the market today: 

Here is a list of best stocks to invest in India in 2023

Sr No Companies
1 HDFC Bank
3 Hindustan Unilever 
4 Infosys 
5 Reliance Industries

1. HDFC Bank 

A private-sector Indian bank, this bank has proved its mettle for long-term shareholding. With a range of banking and financial services, HDFC Bank covers everything from investment banking to transactional retail banking.

2. TCS/Tata Consultancy Services: 

Engaged in the services of IT and digital business solutions, TCS is an Indian company under the Tata Group. Segments of the company are related to banking, insurance, financial services and more. 

3. Hindustan Unilever 

So, which are the best stocks to buy now in India? Well, you can bet on Hindustan Unilever for sure as one of your choices. A popular company stock with seasoned investors and novice investors, the company has footprints in beauty and oral care, detergents, scorers, water purifiers, food and beverage, salon services, and exports of baby care products. 

4. Infosys 

Touted as one of the best companies in India in the present age, Infosys is moving from strength to strength. It is engaged in the services of consulting, outsourcing, technology and advanced digital services. This is a telecom giant, having its foot in other areas like healthcare, energy, utilities, life sciences, media, and more. 

5. RIL/Reliance Industries:

One of the best companies based out of India to put your money on, RIL has been a reliable stock for a while. The Reliance Group is only expanding into different sectors as the days go by, and this is a strong indicator of its growth overall. The group chiefly operates in the sectors of oil and gas, chemicals, retail, financial services, telecom and digital services and many others. 

The Stock Market in 2023 - Where You’ll Want to Be!

The best stock picks may vary from one expert to another, but when you know how to choose stocks for investment, you can rarely go wrong with your choices. Once you open a Demat account with a SEBI-authorised broker like Motilal Oswal, you are guaranteed the best advice and solutions for stock investment, among other investment avenues like an upcoming IPO. At Motilal Oswal, you will find a lot of material and information about how to make your portfolio better with stocks in 2023!

Closing words

Also, the experienced team of advisors at Motilal Oswal can help you pick the right stocks for your portfolio and suggest a diversification strategy. With experts by your side, you can rest assured that your investments are at a minimal risk and securely monitored.


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