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6 Rules to Follow While Using Options Trading App

12 Sep 2023

The world of options trading is a little more complex than stock trading, as it gives people the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying security. Luckily for us, a digital revolution has allowed option trading apps to flourish, providing many avenues for people to understand and begin option trading. In this article, let’s take a look at six rules you should follow while using an options trading app and how you should practice options trading apps.

1. Time works against you.

While using an options trading app to trade options, time is of the essence; the longer you hold, the more you lose. This is because options are vulnerable to time decay; they lose a bit of value every day you hold them. If you are making a loss, some would suggest cutting your losses and moving on. The MO trader app, for instance, lets you square off your positions within just one click, making your option trading more efficient.

2. If you double, sell.

People often look for the best app for options trading, as it is viewed as a way to multiple small amounts overnight. However, this volatility goes both ways; as quickly as you can make money on your virtual options trading app, it can be lost just as quickly. Doubling your money is an ideal condition in options trading. If you achieve this, it is suggested that you book your profits and move on to the next trade.

3. Don’t spend it all.

Unlike stocks, options are decaying assets. Therefore, allocating a limited amount of your purse to a specific trade is essential, as it helps spread out your risk. If you allocate your entire purse, it could go belly up in a matter of minutes. Allocate smaller amounts in order to spread your risk out. With the virtual options trading app MO trader, you can create up to 10 positions on a single screen.

4. Do your own research.

News outlets tend to provide routine reports on the best options to trade. These ‘hot’ stocks however are not necessarily of merit, and you are better off doing your own technical analysis and research to pick stocks on your options trading app. The MO trader app offers various market screeners to aid your research.

5. Don’t open too many trades.

Having too many open trades in your options trading app, even if it’s the best app for options trading can get complicated to keep track of. Before you open a new trade, assess whether it can replace an old one.

6. Pre calculate your stops and targets.

You can use an option calculator available online alongside when you practice options trading apps in order to convert your underlying stops and targets into options stops and targets on your options trading app.


Options trading has become extremely simple due to the best apps for options trading available today. However, that doesn’t mean that options trading is itself simple. There are still things you must keep in mind and practice options trading apps you can try before you delve in completely. Make sure you look for an app that gives you all the features you’ll need, such as the MO trader app, which offers a seamless trading experience, complete with market screeners, trading reports and the ability to slice orders, to cater to all your options trading app needs.

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