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8 Ridiculously Powerful Stock Market Trading Strategies For Beginners

11 Sep 2023

Stock trading means the buying as well as selling of stocks with the goal of capitalizing on stock price which fluctuates on a daily basis. The ever changing behaviour of the trading in stock market demand evolving and dynamic strategies. Any serious trader prepares multiple trading strategies which are parallel to the competitive market situation. The best of market trends and situations should be defined by stock market trading strategies in order to earn profit. Some online trading strategies for online stock trading are:


1. Growth Investing:
It is applied when a company continues to grow profits as the focus is on growth of the capital. Companies reinvest the profits instead of improving operations and enticing investors with dividends.

2. Income Investing:
Here, any good stock is taken by collecting assets. For example, stocks, real estate, mutual funds investment and investing in bonds which generate the most income annually at the least possible risk. However, investors are paid a big part of the income for daily use, specifically when the situation for trading in stock market is uncertain.

3. Short Selling:
Also known as shorting/going short, this refers to the selling of securities that are borrowed by the seller for making short sale. Such a stock market strategy helps to produce profits when the stock market is declining.

4. Value Investing:
Stocks which trade for less than the intrinsic value are identified and investors hold these shares until market price rises taking advantage of low market volatility.

5. Quality Investing:
It is based on fundamental criteria which helps in determining companies possessing exceptional quality characteristics. It is a type of quantitative approach focused on buying the company with high-quality. Both soft as well as hard criteria is used for quality assessment.

6. Trend Following:
According to this strategy, purchase at booming prices and sale when prices start showing a downward trend. There are many mathematical factors and calculations to be used for determining stock moves and to understand how to analyse stock market trends in a better way.

7. Gap Strategy:
Essentially, stocks having price gaps are identified, then the first trading hour is observed to identify trading range. A signal of buy in case of rising above the range while if it falls below the range, this is a signal for a short.

8. Flag Pattern:
Chart pattern based on the price action comprises the small rectangle made through minor profit with eight downtrends or uptrends. This may lead to small swing type trades with flat prices. Both support as well as resistance lines show a downward slope in case of uptrend while an upward slope is seen in case of downtrend.


Traders have a number of strategies at their disposal when it comes to stock market trading in the online share market. However, not one of these strategies works every single time, traders may resort to an alternate trade strategy which is Unidirectional for securing a 100% success rate. This offers guaranteed success. Before deciding about engaging in any of the strategies, the costs and risks which are associated with each one are to be considered and explored.


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