MO Investor - The Perfect Stock Market Trading & Investment App for Beginners

MO Investor - The Perfect Stock Market Trading & Investment App for Beginners

Each investor has different long-term or short-term goals, investing strategies and expectations from their investment. Some may prefer to pour their money into specific types of investment products that may not be the right fit for others. Largely, however, participants of the stock market can be placed into the broad categories of long-term investors and short-term traders.

Motilal Oswal’s MO Investor and MO Trader apps help new investors navigate the exciting, if slightly daunting, world of personal finance. MO Investor is a unique investing app for beginners that takes care of everything – from explaining complicated investment terms and concepts to suggesting and curating their portfolios. The MO Trader app, on the other hand, provides a platform to high-powered traders who prefer a more hands-on approach to building their wealth.

- Features

Created with a sensitivity to the distinct needs of short-term traders and investors, Motilal Oswal's MO Investor app offers a suite of unique features. If you are a long-term investor, here's a look at the services the app provides for you:

  • 3 click mutual fund SIP: Investors can view a detailed update of their current systematic investment plans (SIP) with the 3 click mutual SIP feature. You can also get reports that help track the status of your investments easily, and view the schemes that are performing most satisfactorily. You can also gain access to expert reviews and rankings for these schemes. Finally, you can take advantage of the intelligent auto-filled SIP form which requires just a single click to invest.
  • Stock SIP: With stock SIP, you can invest small amounts and enjoy the benefits of compounding. You can also take advantage of rupee cost averaging and protect your portfolio from short-term fluctuations of the market.
  • Edumo: The most important equipment in an investor's toolkit is knowledge. With Edumo, you can learn complicated terms and jargon through videos and demonstrations.
  • Curated portfolio: You can curate your investment portfolio by choosing from a selection of well-picked schemes. You can also create a portfolio based on your investment strategy, whether balanced, conservative, or aggressive. The app allows you to select your desired amount of investment and lock-in periods.
  • Suggest me tool: With this tool, you can get the right guidance for your investment portfolio and recommendations from an award-winning research team. You may also change your portfolio allocation according to your preferences. MO Investor's ‘suggest me’ tool also lets you use an advanced AI-powered solution to meet your investment needs.If you're someone who trades frequently on the stock market, the MO Trader app offers a line-up of useful services for you:
  • Power trade: You can create as many as 10 positions across segments on a single screen while also squaring off open positions with just one click. Moreover, the app offers real-time mark-to-market updates for tracking performance as well as margin updates to determine your limit utilisation.
  • My wallet: Along with updates on your pending orders, open positions, margins and limits, get updates on your expiry week and the latest news on your stocks.
  • Global search bar: You can add new shares to your watchlist, get real-time market feed on the app itself, and place buy or sell orders with a single tap.
  • Enhanced get quotes: You can get the market depth and technical summary, OHCL, interactive charts, and weekly and monthly technical indicators right on your mobile phone screen.
  • Price alert: Receive alerts for prices through app notifications and email. To do this, you must simply enter the name of the scrip or the exchange, set a condition for price alerts and the desired price level, and finally, add a price alert message.


MO Investor and Trader apps focus on investor education - the bedrock of all successful wealth creation. You can access company, sector and market analysis reports published by in-house experts as well as real-time up-to-date trading reports on the apps. Moreover, take advantage of our multi-asset watch-list, market screening and portfolio restructuring services.

New investors are always on the hunt for the best stock trading app for beginners. However, they must consider that no one investing approach fits everyone, which is why no single app can take care of all their needs. With Motilal Oswal, you can choose from two apps curated for the interests of two different types of investors.

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