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How to Apply for Aadhaar?

05 Jan 2023

An Aadhar card is India’s first truly national identity number, almost on the lines of the US Social Security Number, which is compulsory for all citizens. An Aadhaar card is a 12-digit unique number issued by the Government of India and is only issued to resident Indians. Applying for an Aadhaar card is a simple and seamless process and one do the same either at an Aadhar facilitation centre, your bank, post office or even online. Let us now look at Aadhar card registration from the point of view of the process involved. Here is how to apply for Aadhar card online.


Understanding the process to apply for Aadhar Card..
The first step in applying for an Aadhar card is to ensure that all your requisite documents are in place. Also check that your registered mobile number for Aadhar is an active number as you will need to receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile. To begin with, you can book the appointment and then visit the enrolment centre or your nearest post office or your bank. All these are authorized Aadhar application centres. Once the appointment is sought, the next steps for applying for Aadhar will be as follows:

Submit the Aadhaar enrolment form along with the proof of identity document at the centre. You can use your passport, driving license, election card, pension card or other such government authorized documents as proof of identity.

The submitted documents will be verified against the information entered in the application form. Aadhar has a good system of asking you to verify the entire data set online to avoid any change later. After that the individual’s biometrics (finger print proofs of multiple fingers) will be taken.

In fact, the biometric process includes taking an iris scan (of the eye) and all ten fingerprints. This is not done for applicants below the age of 5 years.

An acknowledgement slip will then be generated which will contain the applicant’s Aadhaar enrolment ID. This is an important piece of document as it will be your only proof of having submitted your Aadhar application. Keep it safe till you get your actual Aadhar copy.

You can check your Aadhar status online
After the procedures at the enrolment centre, applicants will receive an enrolment ID which can be used to check the status of Aadhaar. To check the status you can just go to the UIDAI website and you can follow these steps:

Go to the official website UIDAI

Click ‘Check Aadhaar status’ and enter the enrolment number

The applicants have to submit a security code.

Click the ‘check status’ button

The status of the applicant’s Aadhaar card will be shown on the screen.

You don’t have to wait for the physical copy of Aadhar to be sent to you. You can download from the website of UIDAI and that is as good as the original. In fact, the government of India has confirmed the same.

The physical copy of the Aadhar card will reach your address in 90-100 days but for your use the UIDAI provides online service to download and print the soft copy of Aadhaar card which is accepted everywhere. Avoid laminating the Aadhar card as it disturbs the bar code in the Aadhar code. A simple printout is good enough.


Remember the importance of the One-time-password (OTP)
The mobile number of each individual is part of the security aspect, whether it is for Aadhar card details or for online banking. The manner in which the Aadhar system is designed requires the use of an OTP (One Time Password). An OTP is usually sent to your registered mobile number and simultaneously to your email too. Customers will have to enter the OTP they receive via text message so they can proceed with their transaction. However, there may be cases wherein customers expecting the receipt of an OTP do not receive the same. For instance, when you're making alterations to your Aadhar card information such as age, name, address, etc., or when you're downloading a duplicate, you may not receive an OTP. Getting an Aadhar card is not only simple but it is also compulsory to have one. It is an accepted proof of identity for all practical purposes.

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