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How to print an Aadhar card?

You can either carry an e-Aadhar card or you can carry a print of the Aadhar card. Both are perfectly valid. An e-card can be downloaded on to your mobile through an authorized app of UIDAI. Alternatively, you can take a print of the Aadhar as a proof. Remember that you must not laminate your Aadhar card since it leads to disruption with the authorization code of the Aadhar. It is best to have it as a simple printout only. The print can be in colour or in black and white and both are perfectly valid. Here are the 12 steps for you on how to print Aadhar card duplicate. You can actually do an Aadhar card download by Aadhar Number. Here is the process flow.


Process flow for printing an Aadhar card
1.  As the first step Visit www.uidai.gov.in (the official site for Aadhar related administrations). You can access this on your laptop, PC or on your mobile or smart phone. For safety purposes, ensure that your internet connection is secured connection. Avoid using a public wi-fi or a cyber café for this purpose.

2.  View the segment ‘Aadhar enrolment’ under ‘Aadhar online administrations’. This is the segment where you can actually download and also print your Aadhar card.

3.  Once you open the specific segment, just Tap on ‘Download Aadhar’. Ensure that your internet connection is a robust and stable connection for downloading and printing the Aadhar Card.

4.  Once you click on that button, You will be diverted to https://eAadhar.uidai.gov.in/. This is the secured section of the Aadhar website where the details of your Aadhar are stored in a secured server. From this section you can download the Aadhar card based on whether you are downloading for the first time or the second time.

5.  Contingent upon whether you have the EID or UID, select the fitting alternative. For example, if you applied for an Aadhar card then you will only have the Enrolment id (EID). If you already have an Aadhar card and know the number then you can use the UID data to print your card.

6.  Enter your enrolment number/Aadhar number as the case may be. As stated earlier, you must enter the details as applicable in your unique case. Be clear on whether you are entering the EID or the UID and input the data into that relevant segment only.

7.  Enter your own subtle elements into the field. While it is good to enter these details off memory, it is always better to have the physical print with you so that you do not make any mistake in entering the details. If you make mistakes for more than 3 times then the system can lock you out and you will have a long process to again activate your Aadhar data online.

8.  Snap ‘Get One Time Password or OTP on your mobile. Select the option to receive the OTP, which will be sent to your mobile phone. The time taken will depend on the connection speed and also the speed of the Aadhar server at that point of time. There are possibilities of delays if the pressure on the server is too much.

9.  You will get the OTP on your cell phone inside couple of minutes. As stated earlier, it is all about the speed of the connection and the server pressure at that point of time. Once that is done you get the OTP on your mobile phone. In case you don’t get the OTP in the next 3-4 minutes, you can opt to resend the OTP to your mobile. At times you will get both the OTPs together. Use the latest OTP and not the old OTP which will be rejected.

10.  Enter the OTP to approve your demand and snap download. Once you have entered the right OTP then the page will take you to a link where you can download or print the Aadhar card in PDF format.


11.  The Aadhar card will be downloaded in a PDF format and you can directly print the same if you are connected to the printer. Else you can download the Aadhar card onto a pen drive and then print later from a printer. You can take a B&W print or a colour print and both are perfectly valid. You will need a password which will be a combination of your date of birth and your residence pin code to access the Aadhar card.

12.  You will require Adobe Reader to open the record so in case you do not have an Acrobat Reader, you can download the software for free from the internet. Even if you do not have an Acrobat reader, you can easily red the PDF file on your Explorer or Chrome browser.
That is how simple and quick it is to take a print of your Aadhar. The entire process takes just about 5 minutes end to end.

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