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How to Remain Disciplined in Your Trades

05 Jan 2023

Take a moment and imagine this scenario: one trader has an optimal trading strategy and abundant funds to make trades work well, but lacks any discipline at all. Another trader has a mediocre trading system, less capital and a few resources to bank on. However, this trader has a single virtue, and that is discipline. This should be the core strength of any trader. You may have the best online trading app, but if you don’t make good use of it in trading, it is quite useless to you. The issue that traders face is a non-disciplinary approach that leads, most often, to failure. Due to the fast-paced trading environment, traders look for shortcuts and hope they will gain some quick cash, but in reality, trading requires patience and a singular train of thought. 

Do You Have Trading Discipline?

The MO Trader app gives you all the technology you require to make your trades a success. In fact, many apps do this, but in the end, your success really depends on your own trading patterns. A trading application gives you facilities of ease and convenience, but you have to have the edge to trade with knowledge. Gaining the appropriate knowledge takes patience and trading should be carried out only after you have the knowledge of the trades you are going to make. Any typical trader uses the time on hand to look for stock indicators that make a winning spree go up. Instead of focusing on the ability to follow simple rules, a trader wishes to act fast. This leads to traders entering trades too quickly, breaking rules, chasing trades, etc. The risks are not weighed and traders exit fast. Hence, the first thing a trader should do is to look inward. Assess whether you have the elf-discipline that successful trading demands. 

Honest Reflection

When you are evaluating your trading behaviour, you may discover that, though you have the most proficient Motilal Oswal trading app at your disposal, it's not so much your methods that are the issue but your way of executing rules. You must accept a reality in trading and that is there comes a point after which you cannot optimise any trading system. The ‘magic formula’ or the ‘100% win rate’ is far from a possibility and you cannot use such indicators to estimate extreme highs and lows. The mistakes that traders make is that they try to achieve high extremes,and this often leads to failure. However, if you maintain a disciplinary approach, you may enhance your trading performance. Here are some variables that adversely affect discipline and are so-called ‘discipline killers’:

  • Exiting too soon and leaving cash on the table
  • Exiting too late and returning profit
  • Going after trades with no proper estimation of expectancies
  • Risking a great deal without a thought

Review Trades

No matter what trading application you use, you should evaluate your typical trading schedule. If you routinely look back on your trading sessions, instead of just wiping them from your mind, you can think of ways to improve. This is part of the knowledge you need to trade with discipline. Once you have reviewed your past trades, you can make a set of rules in a checklist and see that you abide by them in subsequent trades. Whatever you do, never ‘go by your gut’ when it comes to trading. If you are just starting your trading adventure, you can learn with Motilal Oswal, and you don’t necessarily have to open a Demat account to trade. However, this reliable broker is good to channel many kinds of investment, and you can discover more on the website. 

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