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How to Use your Demat Account to Maximise your Benefit

In the world of finance and investment, digitization has all but dramatically changed the way we work and function. The digital method of doing business is regular, common and is the only way to get ahead. Just a few decades ago, people traded in stocks and other securities with physical shares (certificates of paper), but this is a thing of the past. Enter, the all-too-digital-friendly Demat account. Now, stocks and other assets are stored in an electronic format in a Demat account. This, in and of itself, is a superb invention and allows users to have many advantages over holding shares and assets in physical form. 

Demat Account - A Boon

If you are, or plan to become, a trader or an investor, you must open a Demat account. You have probably guessed why. A Demat account has to be opened to store your shares. It will likely be linked to your trading account, and when you purchase assets, they will automatically be stored in your linked Demat account. Similarly, if you wish to sell your stocks, the Demat account can be used to extract the number of shares you want sold and transactions are simple. The biggest benefit you get is that all this takes place online. Therefore, you can work from anywhere and at any time. Previously, when Demat accounts did not exist, trades took a long while to be settled, and moreover, a lot of paperwork was involved. Electronically doing business saves time and effort. Not only this, but another Demat benefit is that your transactions are secure and transparent, preventing any fraudulent activity, like the forgery of physical share certificates in the past. 

How to Make a Demat Account Work For You

There are several ways to maximise your benefits through the use of a Demat account. The key ways are mentioned here: 

  • Flexibility with Convenience - A Demat account should be treated like an all-purpose storehouse of your assets. Thus, you can get the benefit of trading and investing in more than one kind of asset class. A Demat account holds insurance, equities, corporate bonds, mutual funds, IPOs and other instruments, so you can benefit by investing in an array of these to diversify your portfolio. 
  • Primary Information - Not many investors know this when they begin a Demat account, but you can get information that works to your advantage. It is possible to check live market updates, plus you can do an analysis of varied investments you have. You can also hold your recommendations with your DP, giving orders to purchase and sell when you think the time is right. 
  • Stay In-the-Know - You may possibly overlook vital news updates which are regularly made by companies. A reliable Demat account, especially one with Motilal Oswal, can ensure that you remain updated with significant information that may help you invest better. You may also get news from share markets about the investments you currently hold. 
  • Portfolio Tracker - The frequent checking of your financial portfolio is an important part of your life as an investor. With a Demat account online, you are able to check the progress of your investments at regular intervals. 
  • Alerts - To maximise your gains from investments, you should set timely alerts specific to your requirements, and Demat benefit you get lets you do this. With your Demat account, you can fix alerts so that you get good information to make decisions regarding investments. 

Celebrate Your Demat Account

When you get a Demat account with a reliable and reputed broker like Motilal Oswal, you get to open it for free, and this is not the only cause for celebration. You can also have a huge amount of benefits and make the most of trading and investing with your Demat account as your go-to source of efficient investing. 

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