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Improve your trading skills with MO Investor App

05 Jan 2023

What is your goal as an investor? Do you want to invest for the long term? Or would short-term investments suit your financial aims better? Every investor has distinctive goals. There is no ‘one investment fits everyone’ doctrine where investments are concerned. This is also true of the ‘how’ of investment. Conventional investors may hold securities for the long term, or invest in traditional asset avenues like fixed deposits with minimum risk. They will physically venture into a bank and open an FD. Others, more contemporary, believe that everything is going digital (and they are right) and will choose a user-friendly app to make investments, maybe with some risk involved, but striking potential high returns. 

  • Investments and Trading Strategies

In very broad terms, investors, who are actually traders too, can be categorised as short-term investors and long-term investors. Where investing in stocks in the share markets are concerned, investors use different strategies to trade and invest so that they may earn optimal profits, either in the short-term or in the long run. To do this, many trade online, and apps for trading have made life simpler. More or less, they help investors trade from anywhere. Apps are on smartphones and this is where a great app like the MO Investor enters the scene. While thinking of personal finance, investors aim to choose the right investment. Portfolio management is the cornerstone of investment and investors know this. While working with an app, life becomes very easy for investors to execute  trading strategies to make investments that meet their portfolio goals. 

  • The MO Investor App

As you may have guessed, the MO Investor app from Motilal Oswal can help you to navigate the world of investment and trading with the utmost convenience. This user-friendly app is great for novices and experts alike. Tackling every area of investment by defining terms and explaining concepts, the app recommends tactics to help you establish your unique financial portfolio. With its customisable features, the MO Investor app can help you choose the right investment. Portfolio management was never simpler with these features to aid you: 

The Three-SIP - This is a feature on the MO Investor app that permits investors to view, in detail, updated versions of their SIPs or systematic investment plans. Enabling  you to get regular reports to monitor your investment status, and viewing those that are performing optimally helps you stay on top of your investments. Furthermore, depending on your investments, you can get access to rankings by  experts in the field. You can also benefit from a SIP form that has an auto-fill feature, requiring just one click to make an investment. 

Knowledge with EduMO - This is a special feature that gives you information and knowledge of terms and jargon used in the trading and investment world. There are videos and demos that make learning interesting on this user-friendly app. 

Start Small - With a ‘Stock SIP’ feature, small investors have the chance to invest small amounts. Additionally, you get a benefit of rupee-cost averages and this keeps you safe from market fluctuations. 

Custom-Made - The MO Investor app is one of the few that helps you to determine your investment goals regarding the amount of funds to be allocated and terms for investment. In this way, you have custom-built features that make investment more personalised. 

  • Earn Through MO Investor

With a convenient app in your pocket, you are sure to make profits with MO Investor. You can also explore the MO Trader app and learn new trading strategies to make you a pro at the stock market. 

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