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Open a demat account for Minor

05 Jan 2023

Indian and international investors are investing a rising sum of money into the capital markets since the Indian economy is growing more quickly than it did before. Additionally, minors are lining up to benefit from the market's expansion just as adults are. However, what is the minimum age to create a Demat account, and how may a minor do so? To assist you in making a well-informed choice when starting a minor Demat account, the following sections provide answers to concerns like these.

Who in India Has The Right To Create a Minor Demat Account?

Investors in India should have a Demat account to hold the securities they purchase or sell online. The CDSL and NSDL manage demat accounts. Depository Participants, or DPs, like Motilal Oswal, permit the buying and selling of shares. Any Indian citizen who is older than 18 may typically create a Demat account. In addition, business entities, joint investors and non-resident Indians may all establish demat accounts.

The Indian Contracts Act of 1872 prohibits minors from signing or participating in financial agreements. However, any Indian citizen, regardless of age, is permitted to own shares in publicly traded firms under the 2013 Companies Act. As a result, it is acceptable to create a minor Demat account in India. However, even if a minor technically owns the Demat account, the minor cannot purchase or sell shares on their own. To transfer the securities to the minor's account, they will require the guardian or parents to serve as the principal party. Therefore, only a kid's parent or legal guardian may create a minor Demat account. In reality, until the minor becomes 18 years old, the parent or legal guardian of the minor has complete authority over all matters relating to the creation, closure, and management of a minor Demat account.

Opening a Minor Demat Account Online

Although there is no minimum age requirement, opening a minor Demat account requires you to go through a set of organised processes. First, you must visit the website of a stockbroker who has been granted an endorsement by NSDL or CDSL to create a minor Demat account online. Then, before moving on to the next phase, the broker will want some basic information from you, such as your email address, name, phone number, etc. Finally, you must fill out the minor's and parent’s KYC information.

The Aadhar card, the PAN card, the minor's birth certificate, and the bank account information of the parent or guardian are among the papers that must be submitted to create a minor Demat account. The minor Demat account will be established after all of your required paperwork has been received and is deemed acceptable by the brokerage. The fact that a minor Demat account cannot ever be formed as a joint account is nonetheless important to note.

What Constraints Apply To a Minor Demat Account?

Although there is no minimum age requirement to establish or use a Demat account for trading, a minor Demat account has several restrictions. First of all, a minor cannot manage their own Demat account. To establish a minor Demat account, the stockbroker will need documentation from the parent or legal guardian. Second, a minor may only trade in equity delivery using their Demat account. Stock intraday trading, as well as equity or currency derivatives, are prohibited for minors. Thirdly, an online trading account cannot be connected to a minor's Demat account.


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