Opening a Demat Account Here’s Help in Choosing the Right New-Age Discount Brokerage

Opening a Demat Account Here Help in Choosing the Right New-Age Discount Brokerage

The investment and trading community in India is on a strong growth curve. Several individuals have realised the need for saving and investment in India, and whether you are new to trading and investing or are a seasoned player, you will first look for the best Demat account in India. At the outset, it's important to note that ‘best’ represents what is conducive to individual investors. The fast-paced investment and trading arena in India constitutes investors who wish to self-educate, taking independent decisions about trading and investment. A Demat account isn’t the only service/product that a good brokerage provides, but just one vital thing among a whole lot of related services. 

  • Best Demat Accounts

When the very first lockdown of the recent pandemic occurred, numerous millennials sprinted to invest in equities. By November 2020, around 26 lakh Demat accounts were started, each month. There’s no doubt that it's great to start your investment journey at a young age, but an equally important aspect of investing is selecting an appropriate platform. While opening a Demat account, several things need to be considered, like Demat account charges, etc. Some brokerages may let you open a free Demat account, and a reputed, digitally-smart one like Motilal Oswal can give you this perk. 

  • Key Factors for Choosing a Demat Account

Among the list of the ‘Best Demat Account in India in 2021’, you may well find brokers like Motilal Oswal, that approach investment and trading with years of experience behind them. However conventional a brokerage may be, when it changes with changing times, it should be at the head of your list. Just because a brokerage has a low brokerage Demat account on offer, doesn’t mean it translates to the best.  There are different factors to keep in mind while shopping for an up-to-date brokerage with a Demat account facility:

  • The Type - You may come across conventional brokerages and discount broking firms. Conventional brokerages target to give their clients regular tips when it comes to trading. Their primary USP is to recommend strategies and stocks to investors. New-age  brokerages, on the other hand, are digitally intelligent fintech platforms that offer you services like Demat and trading accounts. They may not offer too much in the way of trading tips. Then there are full-service broking firms like Motilal Oswal who encourage self-study, but may provide potential investors with educational material like blogs, videos, etc. Full-service platforms also give you recommendations and strategies, plus portfolio investment plans. 
  • The Price - When you open a Demat account, it should be ideally linked to a trading account in India. Furthermore, the cost involved with any service in India affects decisions to opt for it, and so it is with Demat accounts. You will discover that ‘discount brokers’ are a transparent lot with a flat structure in fees they charge, regardless of the traded volumes. If you wish to undertake frequent or huge-volume transactions, they can save you a lot of money. Traditional brokerages may charge you more, and this varies depending on transactions. 
  • Experience Plus Credibility - The Best Demat Account in 2021 may be the one who has a backing and history of credibility that precedes itself. You can bank on a brokerage like Motilal Oswal for this. Furthermore, the best Demat account in India would be the one with a management team that makes your transactions seamless. Value-added services in prominent broking firms are also something to look for, as well as user-friendly interfaces and apps so you can monitor your Demat account and trading account on the go. 
  • Rely on MO

In all the features that a great brokerage must have, Motilal Oswal comes out winning. With several years of experience and traditional approaches related to new-age digitisation, you get an investment experience like no other.

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