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Presenting smallcases on Motilal Oswal

We are thrilled to announce a new product offering called smallcases!

A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs selected & weighted intelligently to reflect an objective, theme, or strategy.

- Thematic smallcases reflect a specific market theme, like the Rising Rural Demand smallcase. It consists of companies that stand to benefit from increasing rural consumption.

- Objective/model-based smallcases track a fundamental or technical investment ratio like dividends, earnings growth, etc. The Dividend Aristocrats smallcase includes stocks that have consistently increased dividends for the last 10 years.

- Smart Beta smallcases follow smart beta strategies. These smallcases are large cap-focused, selected & weighted to beat the markets in the long term. The Low Risk – Smart Beta smallcase is less volatile and aims for high returns.

- ETF-based smallcases are built using Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). These are a basket of securities traded like equities on the exchange. The All Weather Investing smallcase is an asset allocation strategy consisting of equity, gold & fixed income asset classes. It is an ideal foundation for your portfolio as it builds & protects your wealth at all times with regular rebalances.

smallcases are for everyone!

For the experienced investor

Individually tracking stock performance can get hard. With smallcases however, you can easily track each individual stock’s performance as well as your smallcases’ performance, all on one platform. You can also set up SIPs seamlessly.

For the novice/beginner

Researching stocks can be time-consuming for a new investor. smallcases are researched & reviewed by SEBI-registered professionals, making them an excellent choice for your first investment.

How are smallcases better?

- No additional fee is deducted from your capital. You only pay when you transact.

- See where you have invested - anytime, anywhere. smallcases are transparent.

- Add/remove stocks or create your smallcase. You’ve got complete control.

- smallcases have no lock-in periods and no exit loads.

- Setting up SIP in smallcases is easy. Start a disciplined investing approach right away.

Experience a simple, smart & personalized investing experience with smallcases! Explore all smallcases that are available on Motilal Oswal here. For help with getting started with smallcases, click here.

Start with these smallcases

All Weather Investing: One investment for all market conditions. Works for everyone


 Top 100 Stocks: India's most powerful companies in one portfolio. Solid stability


 Low-Risk Smart Beta:  A low volatile portfolio that aims for high returns. Passive investing with a twist


Build a low-cost, diversified portfolio with a smallcase that’s right for you. Login with your Motilal Oswal credentials to invest in smallcases.

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