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Smallcases curated by MOFSL Research

Smallcases curated by MOFSL research

Invest in these pocket-friendly smallcases in just three clicks 

Equity investing is becoming more and more mainstream today than it was a few years ago. The sheer number of increasing DeMat accounts in the country is one indicator of this growing interest.

Yet, the process of investing seems a bit cumbersome. From picking stocks to timing the market, the investor must follow some safe practices to ensure the good health of their portfolio.

For an investor with a 9-5 job or for a new investor, the process of investing becomes time-consuming. At times, the lack of capital becomes an obstacle to investing in the equity market.

If you are one such investor without the time or knowledge to invest in stocks, can you still invest healthily? The short answer, yes. The long answer, seamless investing is a few clicks away with smallcase.

Smallcase - one stop for all your investing needs

A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs that follows a theme, a strategy, or an objective. In other words, using smallcases, you can choose and invest from a plethora of relatable ideas.

So, how are smallcases a one-stop solution for an investor who lacks the time or patience required for the equity market? A smallcase is a reliable investment vehicle because every smallcase is curated & managed by SEBI-registered professionals.

Further, all smallcases are reviewed regularly to ensure that your investment stays on track with the theme of the smallcase. By adding or removing stocks/ETFs periodically, your portfolio remains healthy! In short, smallcase is an effective investment tool where investing doesn’t involve picking stocks or timing the market.

Today we are going to talk about smallcases curated by MOFSL Research Team - a reputed name that has shined bright in the Indian Equity market for over 30 years. With six smallcases under their belt, here are three special smallcases ideal for any investor.

Pockt-friendly smallcases curated by MOFSL:

1. Beginner’s Choice

This smallcase includes fundamentally strong large-cap stocks. Ideal for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation.

Invest in this smallcase for less than ₹2,700

2. First Step

If you are an investor with a high-risk appetite and appreciate growth-oriented companies, the First Step smallcase can be an ideal addition to your portfolio. For less than ₹1,000 you can invest fundamentally strong stocks from the Midcap space.

See smallcase

3. MOSt Shagun

A perfect blend of growth with stability can make this smallcase a good addition to your portfolio. The MOSt Shagun smallcase aims to deliver returns with lower volatility. And all this for less than ₹100!

See MOSt Shagun smallcase

So why worry when you can leave the research to professionals? And all this at no extra cost! That’s right, smallcases come with no additional fees. Get started with smallcases now.

Discover smallcases

Have queries about smallcases? We have answered most FAQs. Check it out.



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