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The State run coal industry wraps up a sizeable amount of equity shares buy-back

The state-run coal producing company named Coal India completes a whopping buy back of equity shares. This is to the tune of a massive as well as an unimaginable 3,650 crores. The latest buzz pertaining to Coal India was quoted on Saturday, as reported by agencies. The buy-back opened on the 3rd of October while the deal closed off on the 18th of October. It is amazing to know the fact that the number of shares brought back was 10.89 crore at the price of Rupees 335 per share. It is thus imperative that Coal India share price stands at Rupees 335 per share. You thus have the latest buzz on Coal India news.  The total amount that was actually utilized towards buy-back of equity shares was to the tune of 3,650 crore rupees. This was quoted by Coal India in a BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) filing. Pursuant to the buy-back, one must also understand the fact that the promoter holding in Coal India stands at 79.78%     Few insider tips on how you can invest your money wisely with coal producing companies in terms of buying and selling of their stocks:   When you want to develop your investment portfolio comprising of stocks and shares of coal producing companies, you really need to be patient to see your investment grow. A patient investor can really see his investment grow. Coal-fired power plants are quite strong and an emerging industry in the US economy. You also have very good investment option to buy or sell stocks of coal-producing units in countries like India, China, and the South East Asian countries. You can buy a cheap or an inexpensive coal stock and then keep the stocks for a decade or so. When you try selling your stocks, you can expect reasonable returns from your investment. For the bargain hunting investors, trying hands on with domestic coal producing companies would turn out to be a good buy. In all fairness, stocks of coal producing units prove to be a very good choice, when it comes to maintaining your investment portfolio in long term. Blue chip coal stocks need to be carefully chosen, for you to unleash the maximum benefits. Select a coal producing company, based on the quality of coal the firm churns out year after year. The Geographical location also pretty much counts, for the coal quality to surpass excellence. Natural gas and other fossil fuels are replacing coal, for generating power. Stocks of coal producing companies can serve as an excellent form of investment, especially in India and China. This is mainly because thermal power plants are set up at an astounding rate, in order to triple the production of thermal power over the next decade. We consume 400 million tons of power every single year. You need to analyze the coal producing units; the nation offers you on a platter.   You can look at some of the leading labels, pertaining to producing of coal these are:   Coal India Limited (CIL) Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL) The coal refining units across the country includes:   Techpro Systems and Gujarat Coke unit These are the following reasons as to why buying coal producing stocks is the best form of investment:   Coal producing stocks are less volatile in nature as they have a lower index rate compared to their global peers. There is a huge scope for the coal prices to rise in future. So when you sell the stocks of coal producing companies, you can earn fabulous returns on your investment. Coal producing stocks are also purchased by Mutual funds investment companies. Steel industries also utilize a sizeable amount of coal to produce quality iron and steel. Hence the demand for coal is on the higher end. Coal producing companies form an integral block at the Commodities market, as well. Hence investing your money with coal producing companies paves way for a diversified form of investment. Coal India share price thus can increase in the market. Look out for more updates and interesting Coal India news snippets.

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