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The top 5 stocks for an investment portfolio in 2022

01 Dec 2023

The optimism around the green energy revolution is obvious following the just finished climate summit in Glasgow, often known as COP26. The summit's outcome left much to be desired, as officials from over 200 countries could only come up with a pact that preserves the hope of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

However, the shift away from fossil fuels and toward greener, more ecologically friendly sources is expected to be the most important investing subject of the present and next decades. "With the conclusion of COP26 in November, we expect 2022 to be a year of implementation rather than new policies and targets," experts stated.

In India, business leaders have already promised multibillion-dollar investments in green energy to help India achieve its net-zero goal by 2070. While the decarbonisation of energy systems accelerated in Asia this year, experts do not expect fresh legislative catalysts for the issue in the near future. Investors should avoid direct climate change plays, according to the brokerage business, and instead focus on alternate environmental themes.

In this regard,  here is a list of best stocks to consider for investors looking to profit from the sustainability trend in 2022:

  • GAIL India

GAIL India, according to experts, supports the theme of increased gas penetration in India and the government's commitment on expanding gas as a critical energy transition fuel.

  • Larsen & Toubro

L&T is seen by the brokerage as a gamble on investigating prospects in decarbonisation and green hydrogen. According to the report, L&T has a lot of room to grow its best investment portfolio, which accounted for 31% of its income in FY21.

  • Motherson Sumi

Experts believe that the wire harness business of the largest auto components supplier will profit from the industry's shift away from internal combustion engines and toward hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • NTPC

The brokerage believes the state-owned corporation is transitioning into a diversified operator in renewable energy, energy storage, energy distribution, and electric vehicle charging.

  • Reliance Industries

RIL's upcoming restructuring of its energy sector to offer decarbonisation options such as hydrogen infrastructure, integrated solar PV, and grid batteries is also a gamble for the brokerage.


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