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Top 5 Stocks Under Rupees 100 

01 Dec 2023

An Overview

Many high-quality shares are sold on the stock market for under ₹100, with the potential to increase dramatically over time. If you can strategically invest in these quality shares over a longer period of time, you will be able to generate significant profits from your investment. Long-term purchases in lower-priced quality equities are referred to as value investing.

Stock investing is picking stocks that will increase in value in the future in order to produce big profits. Stocks may trade below their inherent value in the market, which might be due to price discovery problems, news about the firm or industry, or widespread investor pessimism. These stocks come from firms with strong fundamentals and a track record of success. Continue reading on to know more about the best-performing stocks under 100 rupees.

Benefits Of Investing In Undervalued Stocks

The following are some of the advantages of investing in undervalued stocks:

  • Stocks that are undervalued ultimately reach their true value, resulting in a guaranteed profit.
  • It enables investors to acquire attractive equities at a lesser cost. Undervalued equities are shares of well-known corporations.
  • These stocks are often of little firms on the rise, which makes them multi-baggers.
  • These equities are low-risk, and their undervaluation is often cyclical. They will attain their inherent price level on their own.

Why Should You Go For Fundamental Analysis Before Choosing Stocks?

Benjamin Graham, an American academic and investor of British origin, is usually recognized as the founder of value investing. His wunderkind disciple, Warren Buffet, rose to become the world's wealthiest investor by embracing his investing philosophy and tactics. The investor chooses selected low-priced quality firm stocks with high future growth potential in this investing approach. As a value investor, you cannot just choose any undervalued company listed on the stock market for less than ₹100. To begin picking suitable stocks, you should first go through the basic research process of fundamental analysis.

According to Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, every investment made without first conducting a thorough inspection and research of the firm is speculative. As a consequence, to attain assured outcomes, you must invest after doing extensive study on the organization and its fundamentals.

Best Stocks To Buy Today For Less Than ₹100

Let’s find out the ideal stocks under 100 rupees NSE. These stocks were chosen for their performance, price movement, news, and fundamental research.

Name of the company

P/E Ratio (TTM)

Price (as of 8th Jan 2023)

Industry P/E

Ashoka Buildcon Ltd




Steel Authority of India Ltd




L&T Finance Holdings Ltd




Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd




Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd




NLC India Ltd




  • Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. - Ashoka Buildcon is an Indian Fortune 500 company specialising in highway building. The firm has the most PPP projects in its portfolio of any private company, with 41. In addition, the corporation is engaged in the construction of buildings, electricity, railroads, and municipal gas distribution. Many significant projects for state and federal governments, as well as an abroad venture in the Republic of Maldives, have been completed by the business. Ashoka Buildcon stocks are among the best-performing stocks under 100 rupees.
  • L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. - Through its subsidiaries, the holding business provides a variety of financial goods and services to the housing, rural, and wholesale sectors, in addition to mutual funds as well as wealth management services.
  • Steel Authority of India Ltd. - SAIL is a public-sector enterprise owned by the Ministry of Steel and a member of the seven Maharatnas. The firm is a market leader in integrated iron and steel production, producing basic and specific steel for a variety of sectors.

SAIL produces flat goods such as HR plates, cold and hot-wrapped coils, pipes, and electric sheets. It also manufactures products such as thermally treated bars and wire rods. SAIL is a mid-size corporation having a market worth of ₹29,368.03 crores. Its DPS (dividend per share) for the previous fiscal year was ₹8.75, and its payout ratio was 12.30%. Over the previous three years, the rate of dividend growth has been 159.62%.

  • Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. - It is a sugar producer with other sectors connected to sugar production, including ethanol and electricity. Its price has risen from ₹9.85 in January 2021 to ₹59.10 in January 2023.
  • Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. - It is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) dedicated to raising funds and carrying out initiatives connected to the strengthening of the golden quadrant. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd.'s share value has grown by 102.09% in the past year.

Are Undervalued Stocks A Good Investment For You?

These stocks are not the same as undervalued stocks. These companies offer substantial upside potential if investors can effectively calculate and analyze the different elements that influence their valuation. Furthermore, they investigate each organization's potential for development. Because understanding the stock market's movements demands extensive knowledge and skill, only experienced investors should participate.

You might look for other multi-bagger stocks under ₹100 in the market. Motilal Oswal provides market and stock research reports, technology-based investment suggestions, and other services to investors. Begin your investment adventure with Motilal Oswal by registering for a free Demat account.

Disclaimer: The objective of this blog is solely educational. The stocks mentioned are illustrative and not recommended.


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