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Top Trading Techniques that Should be Followed and Implemented Right Away

05 Jan 2023

The process of purchasing and selling a financial asset on the same day is known as daytrading. If done correctly, profiting on minor price movements may be a lucrative game. For newbies or anybody who does not follow a well-thought-out strategy, however, it may be a hazardous game.

  • Knowledge is a powerful tool

Day traders must keep up with the latest stock market news and events that impact equities, such as the interest rate plans, the economic outlook, and so on, in addition to knowing basic trading methods. So, go ahead and do your assignment. Make a wish list of equities you'd like to trade and stay updated about the firms you've chosen as well as the wider markets. Examine the latest business news and go to reputable financial websites.

  • Set aside time as well

Online stock trading necessitates your availability. In fact, you'll have to forgo most of your day. If you only have a short amount of time, don't bother. A trader must follow the markets and look for opportunities, which may occur at any moment during trading hours. The ability to move rapidly is essential.

  • Begin small

As a newbie, limit yourself to one or two stocks every session. With only a few stocks, it's easy to keep track of and spot possibilities. It's been more usual in recent years to be able to trade fractional shares, which allows you to invest in lower cash quantities.

  • Penny stocks should be avoided

You're undoubtedly on the lookout for bargains and inexpensive pricing, but avoid penny stocks. These equities are often illiquid, and the prospects of striking it rich are slim.

  • Trade timing

Many investor and trade orders start to execute as soon as the markets open in the morning, contributing to price volatility. A skilled player may be able to see trends and make informed decisions in order to benefit. However, for newcomers, it may be preferable to just read the market for the first 15 to 20 minutes before making any movements. The middle hours are normally less volatile, and then the pace picks up again as the clock approaches the closing bell. Even while rush hours provide chances, novices should avoid them at first.

  • Limit orders

Make a decision on the kind of orders you'll employ to enter and exit trades. Are you going to utilize the market or limit orders? There is no price guarantee when you make a market order since it is executed at the best price available at the moment. Limit orders allow you to trade with more accuracy by allowing you to establish your price for both buying and selling. Options methods may be used by more skilled and experienced day traders to hedge their holdings.

  • Profits must be realistic

A technique does not have to prevail all of the time to be profitable. Many traders only win around half of their transactions. They earn more money on their victories than they do on their failures, however. Ascertain that the risk of each transaction is limited to a certain percentage of the account's value, and that entry and exit processes are well-defined and recorded.

Wrapping Up

The stock market may be a nerve-wracking experience at times. As a day trader, you must learn to control your emotions such as hope, greed and fear. Decisions should be based on reasoning rather than emotion. Begin your journey with online trading account opening through the best trading platform with Motilal Oswal now!

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