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What documents required for voter ID card ?

Today, in any election (be it assembly elections or general elections), it is not just your right but also your duty to vote. But, to vote you need a valid voter id card. Your voter id card is also an important proof of identity that you can use in any of your other applications. The process of getting a voter id card is quite simple and you can either get it offline or online. Let us look at a very basic approach and understand the basic documents required for voter ID card and get the list of documents required for voter ID card. In fact, you need to apply and get a voter id card issued in your own name the moment you reach 18 years of age. IN a democracy, you need to exercise your franchise as that is the only way you can participate in the national decision making process.

Voter ID card versus election card

These two terms are normally used interchangeably. You can either call it a voter ID card, which is also known as “Voter Registration Card” or an “Election Card”. This card is issued to all Indian citizens who have reached the age of adult franchise which is 18 years of age. The voter ID card is issued to an Indian citizen by the Election Commission of India which acts as a proof of his/her citizenship and allows them to cast their votes in this country. Remember, you need a voter id card to ensure that you get your name registered in the electoral rolls of your particular polling booth. This photo identity card helps in improving the accuracy of the electoral roll and to help prevent cases of electoral fraud. It is also possible to map your voter id card with your Aadhar card to add a biometric angle to it and prevent any misuse in your absence.

What are the documents required to apply for a voter id card?

The following are some of the key documents that you need to apply for a voter id card. Ideally, when applying for voter ID card, you must card self-attested photocopies of the documents and you must also carry the originals for verifications if asked for. Normally, the concerned official will verify your attested copy with the originals before accepting your application. The following are some of the key documents required.

Recent passport size photographs in colour and in property prescribed format

Address proof (any one of the following) or proof of residence. It can include; copy of your passport (both front and back pages), Gas bill (not more than 3 months old), Water bill, Ration Card, Bank Passbook or statement attested by the bank official along with your photograph in it, Aadhaar Card etc.

Copy of proof of age which can include; 10th Standard Certificate, Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence, Copy of Passport, Kisan Card etc.

Proof of identity that can include; PAN Card, Driving Licence, Ration Card, Passport Copy, Bank Passbook with Photograph, SSLC Certificate, Student ID Card, Aadhaar Card etc.

What is the importance of a Voter id card?

The Voter ID card has the following uses and is a must for voting.

It is an identity proof which can be used to avail services in this country

It allows you to cast your vote in state and central elections

Authorized proof that you are an Indian citizen

It helps in reducing electoral fraud

People with a valid Voter ID can avail special offers which are rolled out by the Government of India from time to time. For example, you cannot apply for a ration card in India if you do not have a voter’s ID

In a democracy like India, it is not only your obligation but also your right to vote. It is essential that you exercise your franchise. Getting a voter id is the first step. Remember to keep the Election Commission informed about your changes in key details so that they can be updated accordingly.


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