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What if your depository participant missed the transfer of shares to your demat account

Now typically, when you purchase shares through the stock exchange, they get credited to your online demat account only on T+2 days. What this essentially means is that if you buy shares of a company on a Monday, they show up in your demat account only on Thursday. 

This process is automated and generally happens without any intervention or hitches. However, in some cases you may find that the transfer of shares into your account hasn’t actually been effected. Under such an event, what do you do? Here’s some information that can help you out. 

But before we can take a look at what you can or should do, you need to first ascertain the reason for your depository participant missing the transfer. A DP may not transfer the shares to your account in the following events. 

1. If you have pending dues 

Depository participants charge an annual fee for operating and maintaining your demat account. This fee is generally known as Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). Non payment of AMC can lead to a temporary suspension of your demat account, during which all kinds of transfer of shares will be halted.    

2. What can you do?

If pending dues is the reason why your DP has chosen to not transfer the shares to your demat account, then clearing all of the dues forthwith should allow for smooth transfer of shares into your account.  

3. In the case of delivery shortfall

A delivery shortfall happens when the seller doesn’t transfer the shares out of his demat account. It can be due to a number of reasons. For instance, the seller might have sold you shares that he didn’t possess in his demat account. Such delivery shortfalls generally don’t happen, but in some cases they still do. 

4. What can you do?

Actually, you don’t have to do anything. In the event of a delivery shortfall, the said shares that you were supposed to receive would go into an auction. And depending on what happens during the auction, you can either get the shares into your demat account within 5 to 6 days or receive the amount that you paid for the shares back along with any profits from the auction. Your stock broker typically intimates you in the case of any delivery shortfalls via email or SMS.  

5. If you use the BTST facility

BTST stands for Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow. Many stock brokers allow you to sell the shares that you buy, the very next day, even before you receive them in your demat account. In this case, transferring of shares into your demat account will not happen. 

6. What can you do?  

Since this is a perfectly legitimate activity, the only thing that you can do is reconcile your daily demat account ledger by verifying it manually to ensure that there are no confusions or misunderstandings.  


But then, what if there’s no apparent reason? In that case, the first step that you need to do is intimate your stock broker and depository participant of non delivery of shares in your demat account. If you’re not satisfied with the grievance redressal mechanism, you can escalate the issue to the stock exchange and depository, who will then assist you with getting your shares. 


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