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What jobs necessarily involve Stock Trading

05 Jan 2023

The types of jobs that fall in the purview of the stock market include not only the obvious stock trading, but a variety of others. Joining the finance industry relating to the stock market can be immensely lucrative and such employment is always in high demand. For several of these, qualifications for entry mean at least a graduate degree, with many professionals holding post-graduate accolades too. Of course, you can expect salaries to be as lofty as the qualifications, which include, for the most part, MBAs. Typically, advanced ability in mathematics and statistics is highly admired. Check out the jobs surrounding finance that relate to stock trading. 

  • Portfolio Management Jobs

One of the most highly prized jobs in the world of finance today, these are prestigious roles. Colloquially known as ‘money managers’, portfolio managers are responsible for directly supervising institutional/retail customer investments on a daily basis. Thus, they have a lot of clout and great accountability. The nature of their jobs entails recommendations on personal investment and planning strategies. Specifically, they deal with certain classes of assets like equities. There are also niche portfolio managers who focus on narrower fields of assets, for example, particular kinds of stocks. These could be only startups related to block-chain functions. 

  • Trading Jobs

Stock trading jobs have you envisioning the classic Dalal Street or Wall Street image of individuals selling and buying stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies and much more. Nonetheless, in the present day, you may find most trading jobs and their proponents far away from either Dalal Street or Wall Street. These employees not only open a demat account for you, they do a lot more. Trading jobs are often found in banks, both investment and commercial, hedge funds, firms dealing in asset management, etc. Wherever you find traders, their sole responsibility lies in earning a profit for their clients/employers. 

  • Jobs in Corporate Finance

Another path your career may take as it relates to trading, is if you work in much-coveted  corporate finance jobs. These jobs permit you to work in large firms in various finance-linked departments, in roles like finance managers, risk management professionals and accounts managers. Although all these may not relate to trading directly, they do take into consideration a firm’s place in the market, and stay on top of disadvantages a firm may face, like liquidity risk, and the like. 

  • Personal Financial Advisors

Helping customers to determine, plan and meet their personal aims related to finances is the job of personal financial advisors. These employees have a broadened scope of skills. They work in banking, bonds firms, stock exchanges and in firms where insurance and tax strategizing is the order of the day. They do a good amount of educating of clients, in terms of potential risks and gains of certain investments. 

Concluding Words

Long-standing brokerages like Motilal Oswal employ many employees that may fit the roles mentioned above. If you cannot work there, nevertheless, you can use the most reliable broker in India to earn profit through asset trading and investment. 

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