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What Should You Expect From The Budget 2023

The Budget of any year is the financial and economic highlight of that year. It is an essential governmental event as it spearheads the future decisions of the country’s businesses and corporations, as well as makes a significant impact on individual financial decisions. Rumour has it that the Union Budget of 2023, due to be released on 1 February 2023 at precisely 11 am, is likely to increase expenditure on the agricultural and rural sector by approximately $10 billion. This is a decent jump amounting to around 15% from FY 23. In the public CAPEX, a 20% growth will be maintained relative to the present fiscal, reports suggest. 

You may not think that the Union Budget has any impact on the life of the common man, but it is worth your while to know what to expect because the Budget has far-reaching effects on every Indian. 

What to Expect From the Last Full Modi Budget

The Budget 2023 that will be announced on 1 February 2023 stands as the full and final budget under the present term of the Modi government. According to most economists, this budget will target the infra sector and keep its eyes on rural India. As mentioned before, the spending in the realm of agriculture will go up to make this sector more prosperous and self-sufficient. 

In all likelihood, this will be a budget that is oriented to the upcoming elections in 2024, the government trying to ensure its future reign. Consequently, analysts state that the government will not likely go above fiscal limits. However, in FY 24, the burden of subsidies may ease to a large extent. This would create an increase in the fiscal room for reallocating capital towards current rural schemes. These schemes include ones like the MGNREGA, rural road infrastructure, and rural housing, amongst other schemes. 

Moderation in the Economy

Several analysts view the economy of India as moderating itself more during the subsequent fiscal period. They are estimating that the GDP growth may just be 5.5%. This may be attributed, in large part, due to a slowdown in global growth, plus the impact of the fiscal tightening. Nonetheless, with India’s inherent structure remaining solid, the GDP may remain at a GDP in the high 5%-6% range. With the new budget, this may be probable due to the push given to digitalisation, CAPEX and the financing of manufacturing within India. 

What People Want, but What to Expect

Rather than the budget being an exercise in policy-making, experts think (or rather want) that the coming budget will follow an activity of prudence. The sectors besides agriculture that the budget may keenly take active, positive steps with could be textiles, energy security, food security and defence. As the Modi government gears up for competitive elections in the middle of 2024, there is a strong indication that it seeks a third term in the highest office in the country. Hence, the Union Budget is a way to push towards achieving this aim to some degree. 

Pre-budget talks have implied (from various sources and reports) that schemes to give an impetus to local manufacture of goods and services will get a significant amount of funding. Promoting the growth of India in the midst of the rest of the world going through a recession seems to be the goal of the Union Budget. Reviving the economy to enviable heights (mitigating poverty and financing the weaker sections), possibly overtaking China, maybe on the cards. In other predictions, economists hope that sustainability and financing to this effect will be accounted for in the budget. There is also an indication that tax slabs may be revised to give specific relief to taxpayers. 

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