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Why is a Demat account a must for Investor

India's banks are working hard to make key services accessible across the nation. As a consequence of this, and the fact that the Indian market offers any young professional, student, or seasoned businessperson an open chance to create money, banks progressively included a Demat account to the list of required banking services.

What is a Demat Account, and how does it work?

A Demat account enables you to handle and keep your stocks digitally. It is the most significant need for investing in the stock market. With the passage of time, the shares changed from certificates to electronic figures shown in Demat accounts. For investors who wished to trade securities, possessing a Demat account and a trading account became a prerequisite. A Demat account holds mutual funds, government securities, ETFs, and equity shares. On the other hand, a trading account is used to place orders and trade financial products.

When you have shares in an online Demat account, they are secure and easy to transfer when you need them. You may continue trading in the stock market and actively participate in exchanges when you use online trading. Furthermore, SEBI has mandated that all investors begin their investing journey only after registering for a free online Demat account. This was done in order to make trading more convenient. Investing in the stock market formerly required a large amount of time and effort. Hiring and consulting a broker to find the best deals, manually completing all purchase-related formalities, and waiting for the actual shares certificate to come were all part of the process. A Demat account, on the other hand, is a convenient option, as proven by the over 40.8 million demat accounts established in India in 2019-20.

What are the benefits of having a demat account for today's investor?

Opening a Demat account may help reduce trade restrictions by providing easy access and quick share transactions. You are not obligated to utilize brokers or sub-brokers to carry out your transactions. The only thing left to do now is seek assistance from a trustworthy Depository Participant and create a Demat account. Your Demat account shares can be used as collateral for a bank personal loan. The best part is that the bank does not need the share certificates to be physically handed over. Most banks provide loans against shares kept in a Demat account ranging from 1 lakh to 25 lakhs.

You may save money on stamp duty on agreements between you and the Depository Participant if you have a Demat account. Transaction and registration expenses are lowered as a consequence. There are no geographical or security restrictions while using a Demat account. There are many access options available for the account, all of which may be managed online. You may use this to sell, purchase, and monitor stocks from any location. Dealing in odd lots has been possible with the creation of the Demat account. Dealing with a single security or odd lots was previously difficult.

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